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Nature wood plastic floor

"The brand is not the head of the aura of a winner, the brand is the beginning of the commitment, commitment is the beginning of the credit, the credit is to do business and start in life," "heart to heart distance how close, there are more great near" this is a big She Xuebin chairman floor full of business theory of natural philosophy. These theories are not handy word combinations, but carries the nature brand after 11 years of development of the hardships and glory, but after the brand and cultural heritage, chairman of sincere voices confided. As Asia's largest wood flooring production of key enterprises, nature of the floor beyond the floor always do the same thing physical entity, that is repeated commitment to consumers. pictures of composite deck around above ground pool
Common sense, is already China's wood flooring industry, the national standard, industry-standard drafting unit, "Nature" can lie safely enjoy the honor of "merit Book" on the aura, but it is the industry's leading brand, once again the creative to establish a new benchmark for the technology industry, there have been five times to lead the global flooring technological innovation, created a miracle of wood flooring.

Why nature brand commitment to everything from the beginning? Because the "brand" should be given the nature of the floor high sense of responsibility, is responsible for the quality, the consumer is responsible, socially responsible, and in the responsibility to honor the moment and won the praise of the new batch of consumer attention. 11 years of development, eight large-scale production bases, more than 20 joint venture factories worldwide, the products are exported to over 50 countries and regions, waterproof wood door sri lankathe country has 138 customer service centers, more than 1,000 stores, won the national inspection-free products, the first batch Chinese brand-name products and many other honorary title, in 2006 the authority to assess the brand value of 1.403 billion yuan .

which are all dependent on each step forward from the heart to the consumer. Continue to provide consumers with high-precision technology, high-quality products, and ultimately the consumer value, and consumer put real feelings nurturing brand in nature, this process is the exchange beyond the original intention of a heart to heart . "King style, set the world standard!" Nature of the floor dedicated to the development of standards, not only is China's wood flooring industry, the national standard, industry-standard drafting unit,2 foot fence panel Supplier and is the flooring consumer standard setters. Abide by the standard nature of the floor, beyond the quality, with superb technology, distinctive diamond quality casting process, from the first crystal super wear-resistant products to wear, wear-resistant steel porcelain surface, wear-resistant surface and then to high-definition, rhinoceros super wear-resistant surface technology, new standards again and again to refresh the flooring industry.

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