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Teak flooring discrimination tips

In the home improvement and renovation of decorating material, the wood floor is a high-end, while the floor is teak wood flooring in the top grade. But the current market situation is serious fraud teak floors, a few unscrupulous operators to black core magnolia Hunchong teak profiteering, since both grain, color, and even wood density are very similar, as people sometimes difficult to distinguish . In fact, when consumers buy teak flooring is also a method to identify true and false. florida suppliers of plastic wood deckAlthough black core magnolia and teak similar in appearance and density, but due to the different materials, there is a big difference between the two. To prime unpainted board, for example, there are two simple methods: First Look Observation floor level smooth surface, surface teak flooring is very smooth, very delicate touch, as if soaked in oil, and black core yuyuanensis it appears more rough;

Then smell Teak itself exudes a sour smell similar to rancid after rice, and black core magnolia no such smell. In addition to the above method, if conditions allow, you can also do a few tests: Preferably a small piece of dry combustion flooring, teak fumes and thick and large, and the black core magnolia is less; Or take a small amount of water spilled on the floor surface, if the water is not absorbed and distributed in the form of beads teak, absorption is black core magnolia;ghana wooden paneling sale Can also be observed floor soaked in water for 24 hours after the change, if distorted, such as expansion of the phenomenon of deformation, compared with black core magnolia, without any change is teak. You can also proceed from the following aspects to distinguish teak flooring: Judging from the texture: Teak flooring really obvious ink lines and oil spots, fake teak flooring or no ink or ink line lines and scattered light, there is little or no oil spots.

From the point of view of texture: Teak flooring really shiny, textured oil, fake teak floors dry and dull. From the weight point: True teak flooring fiber density of 0.67-0.73, compared with rosewood light, but heavier than hemlock, have moderate sense, and leave the teak common emphasis. From the smell points: Genuine teak flooring has a unique flavor, cutting significantly smell. Scent very comfortable, and false teak flooring or no scent or an unpleasant odor. From the sawdust points: True teak sawdust floor has a very oily, composite base for boat seatsoft honking feel when pinching, and leave the teak sawdust floor is dry and loose, rough feel. From water absorption to points: Two drops of water dripping in the absence of the genuine paint two teak flooring, teak floor drops really does not penetrate, but water droplets leave the teak floor is quickly penetrate. Learn the above method, you can now safely buy real teak the floor. Also welcome to provide their own home improvement experience, to allow more home improvement knowledge together to Yahoo users and learn from.

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