to be human is to be in relation



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to be human is to be in relation


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to be human is to be in relation

To be human is to be in relation

As humans, we always want to be the ones in control. We make use of the world around us for our own self interests and self gratification. Unfortunately, this mentality has learned to interfere with our personal relationships. Being accustomed to use materials or goods for our self gains, we unconsciously learned to do the same with one another. Human beings have now turned into objects for us to use in order to sustain our constant needs and desires. By seeing each others as objects, we have become unable to find meaning. We have lost all sense of relationship and consequently lost all opportunities to be humans. As Buber says, we have learned to “dilute the meaning of the relation.” (Buber p.66) Our ego has taught us to fear relation, vulnerability and consequently to distance ourselves from our emotions.
What is Buber’s approach regarding this objectification of the other in modern day relationships? How can we connect this to Emma Rossum’s Millennial Guide to Kissing? Finally, how do we shift from the I-It to the I-You and allow ourselves to become humans again ?

In I and Thou, Martin Buber attempts to address the illness of modern day relationships by looking at two types of relationships: the I-It and the I-You. According to Buber, the I-It rel...

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to be human is to be in relation

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