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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
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Guyana - country.

Guyana - country. I INTRODUCTION Guyana, country on the northern coast of South America. It was formerly a British colony known as British Guiana. In 1966, after more than 150 years of colonial rule, British Guiana achieved independence and took the name Guyana, from a Native American word meaning "land of waters." The country's full name...

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Haiti - country.

Haiti - country. I INTRODUCTION Haiti, independent country in the West Indies, occupying the western third of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. Haiti shares the island with the Dominican Republic. In 1804 Haiti became the first independent nation in Latin America and the only nation ever created as a result of a successful...

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Honduras - country.

Honduras - country. I INTRODUCTION Honduras, country in Central America, extending from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Honduras is a rugged, mountainous country with a fringe of lowlands along the Caribbean coast. Explorer Christopher Columbus landed here in 1506 and named the land Honduras (Spanish for "depths") for the deep waters off the Caribbean...

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Hungary - country.

Hungary - country. I INTRODUCTION Hungary (Hungarian Magyarország), landlocked republic in central Europe. Most of Hungary lies in a basin known as the Danube basin or the Hungarian Plain, which extends into neighboring countries. The Danube River flows across the basin. Budapest, Hungary's capital and largest city, lies on both sides of the Danube. Budapest is

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Iceland - country.

Iceland - country. I INTRODUCTION Iceland (Icelandic, Ísland), island republic in the North Atlantic Ocean, located between Greenland and Norway. The northern tip of Iceland reaches the Arctic Circle. Iceland is roughly the size of the state of Virginia. Oval in shape, Iceland measures about 485 km (300 mi) from east to west and about 360...

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India - country.

India - country. I INTRODUCTION India, officially Republic of India (Hindi Bharat), country in southern Asia, located on the subcontinent of India. It is bounded on the north by China, Nepal, and Bhutan; on the east by Bangladesh, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), and the Bay of Bengal; on the south by the Palk Strait and...

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Republic of Indonesia - country.

Republic of Indonesia - country. I INTRODUCTION Republic of Indonesia, island republic of Southeast Asia, constituting most of the Malay Archipelago. Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country after China, India, and the United States. More than half the people live on Java, where Jakarta, Indonesia's capital and largest city, is located. Although the islands...

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Iran - country.

Iran - country. I INTRODUCTION Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, country in southwestern Asia, located on the northeastern shore of the Persian Gulf. One of the world's most mountainous countries, Iran contains Mount Dam?vand, the highest peak in Asia west of the Himalayas. The country's population, while ethnically and linguistically diverse, is almost entirely...

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Iraq - country.

Iraq - country. I INTRODUCTION Iraq, country in the Middle East that has been central to three wars since 1980. Some of the world's greatest ancient civilizations--Assyria, Babylonia, and Sumer--developed in the area that now makes up Iraq. The modern state of Iraq was created in 1920 by the British government, whose forces had occupied it...

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Ireland - country.

Ireland - country. I INTRODUCTION Ireland (Irish Éire), country in northwestern Europe occupying most of the island of Ireland, the second largest of the British Isles. The Republic of Ireland lies to the west of Great Britain, the largest island in the archipelago. It is separated from Great Britain to the east by the North Channel...

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Israel (country) - country.

Israel (country) - country. I INTRODUCTION Israel (country), country in southwestern Asia, formed in 1948 as a Jewish state in the historic region of Palestine, and located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel is bounded on the north by Lebanon, on the northeast by Syria, on the east by Jordan, and on the...

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Italy - country.

Italy - country. I INTRODUCTION Italy (Italian Italia), republic in southern Europe, on the northern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Most of Italy consists of a boot-shaped peninsula that juts out from southern Europe into the Mediterranean. Italy also includes the Mediterranean islands of Sardinia and Sicily and many lesser islands. Italy is blessed with varied...

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Jamaica - country.

Jamaica - country. I INTRODUCTION Jamaica, island country, situated in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba. With its lush mountains and pristine beaches, the island is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and is a popular tourist destination. Jamaica became a British colony in 1670. During the 18th century, planters began importing African slaves to work...

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Japan - country.

Japan - country. I INTRODUCTION Japan, island nation in East Asia, located in the North Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Asian continent. Japan comprises the four main islands of Honsh?, Hokkaid? , Ky? sh? , and Shikoku, in addition to numerous smaller islands. The Japanese call their country Nihon or Nippon, which means "origin...

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Jordan (country) - country.

Jordan (country) - country. I INTRODUCTION Jordan (country) or Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, kingdom in the Middle East. Its full official name is Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Arabic Al Mamlakah al Urdunniyah al Hashimiyah). The term Hashemite refers to the Jordanian monarchy's claim of descent from Hashim, the grandfather of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Jordan's...

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Kazakhstan - country.

Kazakhstan - country. I INTRODUCTION Kazakhstan, republic in Central Asia, bounded on the north by Russia; on the east by China; on the south by Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan; and on the west by the Caspian Sea and Russia. Almost all of Kazakhstan is located in the west central portion of the Asian continent; however, a...

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Kenya - country.

Kenya - country. I INTRODUCTION Kenya, republic in East Africa, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Kenya has a varied landscape of plateaus and high mountains and is home to many different ethnic groups. Formerly a British colony, Kenya gained independence in 1963 and has been a republic since 1964. It is bounded on the...

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Kiribati - country.

Kiribati - country. I INTRODUCTION Kiribati, independent republic within the Commonwealth of Nations, located in the central Pacific Ocean, about 4,000 km (about 2,500 mi) southwest of Hawaii. It is part of the division of the Pacific islands that is known as Micronesia. Kiribati consists of 33 coral islands divided among three island groups: the Gilbert...

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North Korea - country.

North Korea - country. I INTRODUCTION North Korea, officially Democratic People's Republic of Korea, country in northeastern Asia that occupies the northern portion of the Korea Peninsula. North Korea is bounded on the north by China, on the northeast by Russia, on the east by the East Sea (Sea of Japan), on the south by South...

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South Korea - country.

South Korea - country. I INTRODUCTION South Korea, country in northeastern Asia that occupies the southern portion of the Korea Peninsula; officially known as the Republic of Korea. South Korea is bounded on the north by North Korea; on the east by the East Sea (Sea of Japan); on the southeast and south by the Korea...

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Kuwait (country) - country.

Kuwait (country) - country. I INTRODUCTION Kuwait (country), nation in the Middle East, located at the northwestern tip of the Persian Gulf. Kuwait is a small, desert country, but it possesses a strategic stretch of Persian Gulf coastline and significant petroleum reserves. Kuwaiti citizens, who are Arab Muslims, make up less than half of the country's...

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Kyrgyzstan - country.

Kyrgyzstan - country. I INTRODUCTION Kyrgyzstan, officially Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyz Kyrgyz Respublikasy), landlocked republic in the eastern part of Central Asia that is bordered on the north by Kazakhstan, on the east by China, on the south by China and Tajikistan, and on the west by Uzbekistan. Bishkek is the capital and largest city. The Kyrgyz,...

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Laos - country.

Laos - country. I INTRODUCTION Laos, officially Lao People's Democratic Republic, independent state of Southeast Asia. Formerly part of the Indochinese Union, also known as French Indochina, Laos gained independence in 1953. The country was drawn into the Vietnam War (1959-1975), and in 1975 a Communist revolutionary movement overthrew Laos's sixcentury-old monarchy and established a people's...

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Latvia - country.

Latvia - country. I INTRODUCTION Latvia, country in northeastern Europe, nestled between Lithuania and Estonia on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Latvia's picturesque landscape features gently rolling hills and thick forests interspersed with numerous rivers, lakes, and marshes. Ethnic Latvians constitute a slight majority of the population, while Russians make up the largest minority...

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Lebanon (country) - country.

Lebanon (country) - country. I INTRODUCTION Lebanon (country) (Arabic Lubnan), republic on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Southwest Asia. Lebanon's coastal location, high mountain backbone, and climate have greatly influenced the country's history, peoples, and economy. The coastal area of present-day Lebanon was settled more than 7,000 years ago and later evolved as...

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