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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
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Vatican City - country.

Vatican City - country. I INTRODUCTION Vatican City, independent state within Rome, Italy, that is ruled by the pope and serves as the world headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Entirely surrounded by Rome, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, with an area of 44 hectares (110 acres). Vatican City occupies a triangular...

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Venezuela - country.

Venezuela - country. I INTRODUCTION Venezuela, country on the northern coast of South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea. Venezuela's landscapes range from the towering peaks of the Andes Mountains in the north to tropical jungles in the south. In the middle of the country are grassy plains and rugged highlands. Beautiful beaches fringe the coast, and

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Vietnam - country.

Vietnam - country. I INTRODUCTION Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, country located on the eastern coast of the Indochinese Peninsula. Vietnam is bordered on the north by China, on the west by Laos and Cambodia, and on the south and east by the South China Sea. Hanoi is the capital, and Ho Chi Minh...

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Yemen - country.

Yemen - country. I INTRODUCTION Yemen, country in the Middle East, occupying the southwestern corner of the Arabian Peninsula (Arabia). Tall mountains divide Yemen's coastal stretches from a desolate desert interior. Yemen is sparsely populated--half of the country is uninhabitable--and its Arab people are largely rural. The site of several prosperous civilizations in ancient times, Yemen...

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Zambia - country.

Zambia - country. I INTRODUCTION Zambia, republic in south central Africa, bounded on the north by the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC, formerly Zaire) and Tanzania; on the east by Malawi; on the southeast by Mozambique; on the south by Zimbabwe, Botswana, and the Caprivi Strip of Namibia; and on the west by Angola. The...

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Zimbabwe - country.

Zimbabwe - country. I INTRODUCTION Zimbabwe, country in southern Africa, named after the famous 14th-century stone-built city of Great Zimbabwe, located in the southeast. The country is renowned for the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River and for its bountiful wildlife. Zimbabwe's population is divided into two main ethnic and linguistic groups, the Ndebele and the

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Saudi Arabia - country.

Saudi Arabia - country. I INTRODUCTION Saudi Arabia, monarchy in southwestern Asia, occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia is a land of vast deserts and little rainfall. Huge deposits of oil and natural gas lie beneath the country's surface. Saudi Arabia was a relatively poor nation before the discovery and exploitation of oil, but...

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Senegal - country.

Senegal - country. I INTRODUCTION Senegal, republic in western Africa, bounded on the north by Mauritania, on the east by Mali, on the south by Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia, a small, narrow country, forms an enclave in southern Senegal, extending inland along the Gambia River. The republic's...

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Serbia - country.

Serbia - country. I INTRODUCTION Serbia (Serbian Srbija), republic in southeastern Europe, located on the Balkan Peninsula. Serbia is a landlocked country. Its northern half comprises a broad, low-lying agricultural plain receiving the waters of the mighty Danube. The country's southern half is mostly hilly and mountainous. Ethnic Serbs make up about two-thirds of Serbia's population,...

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Seychelles - country.

Seychelles - country. I INTRODUCTION Seychelles, island republic in the western Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. The Seychelles are an archipelago of some 115 islands with a total land area of 454 sq km (175 sq mi). II LAND AND RESOURCES The country consists of two distinct island groups: the Mahé group in...

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Sierra Leone (country) - country.

Sierra Leone (country) - country. I INTRODUCTION Sierra Leone (country), independent nation in western Africa, bounded on the north and east by Guinea, on the southeast by Liberia, and on the southwest and west by the Atlantic Ocean. The total area of the country is 71,740 sq km (27,699 sq mi). Freetown is the capital and...

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Republic of Singapore - country.

Republic of Singapore - country. I INTRODUCTION Republic of Singapore, independent republic in Southeast Asia, comprising 1 main island and about 50 small adjacent islands off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. The main island, Singapore Island, is separated from Malaysia on the north by the narrow Johore Strait and is linked by road and...

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Slovakia - country.

Slovakia - country. I INTRODUCTION Slovakia, landlocked republic in central Europe, bounded on the northwest by the Czech Republic, on the north by Poland, on the east by Ukraine, on the south by Hungary, and on the southwest by Austria. Bratislava is its capital and largest city. Slovakia existed as part of Hungary from the beginning...

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Slovenia - country.

Slovenia - country. I INTRODUCTION Slovenia (Slovenija in Slovenian), country in south central Europe, bounded on the north by Austria, on the northeast by Hungary, on the southeast and south by Croatia, and on the west by Italy and the Adriatic Sea. Formerly a constituent republic of Yugoslavia, Slovenia proclaimed its independence in June 1991. It...

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Solomon Islands (country) - country.

Solomon Islands (country) - country. I INTRODUCTION Solomon Islands (country), constitutional monarchy and member of the Commonwealth of Nations, consisting of about 30 islands and numerous atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, east of New Guinea. The country includes most of the Solomon Islands group, notably Guadalcanal, New Georgia, Santa Isabel, Malaita, Choiseul, San Cristobal (Makira),...

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Somalia - country.

Somalia - country. I INTRODUCTION Somalia, republic in East Africa, occupying the tip of the Horn of Africa. The dry, sparsely populated country has been in a state of civil war and anarchy since 1991, when the central government was overthrown. Somalia is bounded on the north by the Gulf of Aden, on the east and...

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South Africa - country.

South Africa - country. I INTRODUCTION South Africa, southernmost country in Africa, a land of diversity and division in its geography, people, and political history. Physically, tall mountain ranges separate fertile coastal plains from high interior plateaus. The grassland and desert of the plateaus hide pockets of amazing mineral wealth, particularly in gold and diamonds. Black...

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Spain - country.

Spain - country. I INTRODUCTION Spain (Spanish España), parliamentary monarchy occupying 85 percent of the Iberian Peninsula in the southwestern corner of Europe. Portugal and the British territory of Gibraltar occupy the remainder of the peninsula. Spain's territory also includes islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and two small enclaves on the coast...

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Sri Lanka - country.

Sri Lanka - country. I INTRODUCTION Sri Lanka, in full, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, island republic in the Indian Ocean, lying off the southeastern tip of the Indian subcontinent. The Palk Strait and Gulf of Mann?r separate Sri Lanka from India. The Arabian Sea lies to the west, the Bay of Bengal to the...

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Sudan - country.

Sudan - country. I INTRODUCTION Sudan, republic in northeastern Africa, the largest country of the African continent. The country's north and south stand in stark contrast to one another: The dry, desert north is populated largely by Arab Muslims, while the wet, swampy south is populated by black African Christians and animists. The site of several...

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Suriname (country) - country.

Suriname (country) - country. I INTRODUCTION Suriname (country), country in northeastern South America that borders the Atlantic Ocean. Before 1975 Suriname was a dependency of the Netherlands and was called Dutch Guiana or Netherlands Guiana. Suriname has an area of 163,265 sq km (63,037 sq mi), making it the smallest independent country in South America. The

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Swaziland - country.

Swaziland - country. I INTRODUCTION Swaziland, independent monarchy in southeastern Africa, bounded on the east by Mozambique and on the southeast, south, west, and north by South Africa. It covers an area of 17,363 sq km (6,704 sq mi). II LAND AND RESOURCES Swaziland is roughly oval-shaped. The elevation of the land decreases...

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Sweden - country.

Sweden - country. I INTRODUCTION Sweden, country in northern Europe, occupying the eastern portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Slightly larger than the state of California and roughly similar in shape, Sweden is the largest and most populous nation of Scandinavia. The Swedes' name for their country, Sverige, means "the land of the Sveas," an ancient tribe...

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Switzerland - country.

Switzerland - country. I INTRODUCTION Switzerland, federal republic in west central Europe. Switzerland is a small, landlocked country set amid mountainous terrain in the heart of the European continent. It is bordered on the west by France, on the north by Germany, on the east by Austria, and on the south by Italy. The tiny principality...

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Syria - country.

Syria - country. I INTRODUCTION Syria (Arabic Suriyah), officially Al Jumhuriyah al Arabiyah as Suriyah (Syrian Arab Republic), republic in southwestern Asia, bounded on the north by Turkey, on the east by Iraq, on the south by Jordan and Israel, and on the west by Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea. Syria has an area of 185,180...

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