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Lester Pearson - Canadian History.

Lester Pearson - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Lester Pearson (1897-1972), 14th prime minister of Canada (1963-1968). Pearson took office in 1963, with a minority in the Canadian House of Commons. He approached the political process with an idealism that was strongly tempered by practicality. He approached problems cautiously, gathering as much background information as he could,...

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau - Canadian History.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1919-2000), 15th prime minister of Canada (1968-1979, 1980-1984). Trudeau became prime minister on April 20, 1968, succeeding Lester B. Pearson, who had resigned as leader of the Liberal Party and as prime minister earlier that month. Soon after taking office, Trudeau called a general election...

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Joe Clark - Canadian History.

Joe Clark - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Joe Clark, born in 1939, 16th prime minister of Canada (1979-1980). Clark became prime minister on June 4, 1979, succeeding Pierre Elliott Trudeau after the defeat of Trudeau's Liberal government in the general election of May 1979. Clark became leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in 1976 and was...

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John Napier Turner - Canadian History.

John Napier Turner - Canadian History. John Napier Turner, born in 1929, 17th prime minister of Canada (1984). Turner was elected leader of the Liberal Party and assumed the office of prime minister on the retirement of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Born in Richmond, England, in 1929, Turner came to Canada at the age of three, following...

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Brian Mulroney - Canadian History.

Brian Mulroney - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Brian Mulroney, born in 1939, 18th prime minister of Canada (1984-1993). Mulroney, who led the Progressive Conservative Party to election victories in 1984 and 1988, was prime minister during a particularly difficult period in Canada's history. His government had to deal with persistently large budget deficits, economic recession, and

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Kim Campbell - Canadian History.

Kim Campbell - Canadian History. Kim Campbell, born in 1947, 19th prime minister of Canada (1993) and first woman to hold the office. Born Avril Phaedra Campbell in Port Alberni, British Columbia, she adopted the name Kim as a teenager. Campbell received degrees in political science (1969) and law (1983) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver....

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Jean Chrétien - Canadian History.

Jean Chrétien - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Jean Chrétien, born in 1934, politician and the 20th prime minister of Canada, from 1993 to 2003. Chrétien, who became leader of the Liberal Party of Canada in 1990, led the Liberals to victory in the 1993 election. This victory ended nine years of rule by the Progressive Conservative...

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Paul Martin - Canadian History.

Paul Martin - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Paul Martin, born in 1938, 21st prime minister of Canada and leader of the Liberal Party, who was credited with turning around the Canadian economy as finance minister under the government of Jean Chrétien. Martin became prime minister upon Chrétien's retirement in December 2003 and served until his party...

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Stephen Harper - Canadian History.

Stephen Harper - Canadian History. Stephen Harper, born in 1959, Canadian politician, 22nd prime minister of Canada and leader of the country's Conservative Party. In 2003 Harper helped engineer a merger of two right-wing parties in Canada, a move that paved the way for the Conservatives to take control of Parliament in early 2006. Stephen Joseph Harper was...

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Alberta - Canadian History.

Alberta - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Alberta, province in western Canada, the most westerly of the three Prairie provinces, which also include Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Alberta is a land of contrasts. Rolling plains cover much of the province, but in the southwest, the rugged Rocky Mountains and its foothills form part of Alberta's boundary with British...

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British Columbia - Canadian History.

British Columbia - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION British Columbia, Pacific Coast province in western Canada, bounded on the north by Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories; on the east by Alberta; on the south by the states of Montana, Idaho, and Washington; and on the west by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska. The crest of the...

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British Columbia - Canadian History.

British Columbia - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION British Columbia, Pacific Coast province in western Canada, bounded on the north by Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories; on the east by Alberta; on the south by the states of Montana, Idaho, and Washington; and on the west by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska. The crest of the...

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Manitoba - Canadian History.

Manitoba - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Manitoba, province in south central Canada. Manitoba is the easternmost of Canada's three Prairie provinces, the others being Alberta and Saskatchewan. Manitoba lies in the geographic center of Canada. It has been known as the Keystone Province ever since Canada's governor-general Lord Dufferin described it in 1877 as "the keystone...

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New Brunswick - Canadian History.

New Brunswick - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION New Brunswick, province in eastern Canada. It is the largest of Canada's three Maritime provinces, the others being Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It is also one of the four Atlantic provinces, which include the Maritimes plus Newfoundland and Labrador. Fredericton is the provincial capital, and Saint John...

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Newfoundland and Labrador - Canadian History.

Newfoundland and Labrador - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Newfoundland and Labrador, easternmost province of Canada. It is also Canada's newest province, having joined the federation in 1949. The province has two sections of unequal size: Newfoundland, which is an island, and the much larger region of Labrador, on the mainland of Canada. Together, these sections have...

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Northwest Territories - Canadian History.

Northwest Territories - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Northwest Territories, administrative region of Canada. The Northwest Territories is located in northwestern Canada and occupies nearly 13 percent of the country's landmass. Two other northern territories, the Yukon Territory and the Territory of Nunavut, flank its western and eastern borders respectively. The Northwest Territories is bounded to the...

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Nova Scotia - Canadian History.

Nova Scotia - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Nova Scotia, province of eastern Canada, consisting of a peninsula on the Canadian mainland, Cape Breton Island, and numerous smaller islands. The peninsula is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land called the Isthmus of Chignecto. Cape Breton Island is separated from the peninsula by the...

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Nunavut - Canadian History.

Nunavut - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Nunavut, administrative region of Canada. Nunavut is located in the eastern Canadian Arctic and is Canada's largest and newest territory, making up nearly 20 percent of the country. This territory was created on April 1, 1999, when the Northwest Territories was split into a western part, still known as the...

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Ontario - Canadian History.

Ontario - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Ontario, southernmost province of Canada. Ontario is the second largest of Canada's ten provinces in area and the largest in terms of population. Commonly called the Heartland Province, Ontario is the center of Canada's industry, population, and agriculture. Its farmers and producers have access to excellent transportation facilities, especially the...

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Prince Edward Island - Canadian History.

Prince Edward Island - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Prince Edward Island, the smallest and most densely populated province of Canada. It is one of the Maritime provinces (along with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) and one of the Atlantic provinces (the Maritimes plus Newfoundland and Labrador). Prince Edward Island lies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence...

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Québec - Canadian History.

Québec - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Québec, largest province of Canada. Québec is located in the eastern part of Canada and extends north from the United States border to Hudson Strait and east from the shores of Hudson Bay to the region of Labrador. Québec is nicknamed La Belle Province (The Beautiful Province) because of the...

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Saskatchewan (province) - Canadian History.

Saskatchewan (province) - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Saskatchewan (province), province in western Canada. Saskatchewan is one of the Prairie provinces, the others being Manitoba and Alberta. Its name is derived from the Cree Indian word kisiskatchewan, which means "swiftly flowing," a term first applied to the Saskatchewan River. Crossed by a vast belt of flat prairie...

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Yukon Territory - Canadian History.

Yukon Territory - Canadian History. I INTRODUCTION Yukon Territory, administrative region of northwestern Canada. Its capital and largest city is Whitehorse. To the outsider the Yukon Territory remains inextricably associated with the rush for gold in the Klondike region at the end of the 19th century. The territory still depends largely on mining. Its mountainous terrain...

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Germinal 1-1

Marcel Duchamp en 1917 «Fontaine». L’artiste est à l’origine du ready mad......

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La seconde guerre mondiale

« 39-45 » redirige ici. Pour la revue mensuelle française consacrée à l’histoire de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, voir 39-45 (magazine). Pour les articles homonymes, voir Guerre mondiale. Seconde Guerre mondiale Dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre à partir d'en haut à gauche : troupes du Commonwealth dans le désert ; civils chinois enterrés vivants par des soldats japonais ;...

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