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519 - Parmi ces noms de marque, lequel est sans rapport avec la photographie?
La bonne reponse est : B
Correction :
Philips ne fabrique pas d'appareils photo. C'est l'activité principale de Pentax et Sigma et l'une des nombreuses activités de Sony.

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Fountain and Garden of Asylum, St-Remy 1889 - Vincent Van Gogh

This is an extremely spacious view of the asylum gardens where Van Gogfa was first treated after his break with Gauguin and the episode of the cut ear. The gardens look delightful: colourful and full of light. Although it is still winter this is an optimistic-looking picture, especially as the high viewpoint gives us such a wide vista...

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Memory of the Garden at Etten, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

'During my illness I saw again every room in the house at Zundert, every path, every plant in the garden, the views of the fields outside, the neighbours, the graveyard, the church, our kitchen garden at the back - down to the magpie's nest in a tall acacia in the graveyard. It's because I still have earlier recollections...

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The Night Cafe, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

'In my picture of The Night Cafe, I have tried to express the idea that the cafe is a place where one can ruin oneself, go mad or commit a crime. So I have tried to express, as it were, the powers of darkness in a low public house, by soft Louis XV green and malachite, contrasting with...

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Sower with a Setting Sun, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

The theme of the sower was significant for Van Gogh, and probably began when he copied Millet's The Sower in 1880. Millet was his early artistic hero and at one time Van Gogh said that a picture by Millet said more than most clergymen's sermons. He was most impressed by his work and considered him the greatest modern...

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Vase with Cornflowers and Poppies, Paris 1887 - Vincent Van Gogh

This is an interesting variation on Van Gogh's usual tendency towards yellowish flowers; brilliant red, white and blue flowers, in a pale blue vase on a warm-coloured tablecloth, against a deep blue wall. ...

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The Yellow Books, Paris 1881 - Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh was a cultured man and read a great deal: Balzac, Hugo, the Goncourts, Shakespeare, Dickens, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Michelet, Bunyan, Zola and other modern authors. He was also quite well read in the Bible, as one would expect of the son of a clergyman, particularly the New Testament, and he had studied some Latin and Greek,...

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Pots, Bottles and Flasks, Paris 1886 - Vincent Van Gogh

This is very similar to a classic still life from the era of the great Spanish still-life painters, such as Luiz Melendez. It has the general overall colour scheme of Melendez and the massed objects push out from the picture plane, the dark background making the objects loom forward. ...

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Plate with Onions, Arles 1889 - Vincent Van Gogh

Painted in Aries, this relatively conventional still life has some similarity to the sort of still life Cezanne was also working on at this period. Van Gogh had probably met Cezanne in Paris and in fact, of course, was not living all that far away from Cezanne's home in Provence. ...

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Basket with Lemons, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

About the time that Van Gogh painted this picture he was just settling into the life of a painter in the Midi region of France. He had begun working outside and was painting landscapes but had not yet started on his portraits of the local inhabitants. This painting, to some extent, harks back to his Parisian ways of...

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Vase with Sunflowers, Arles 1889 - Vincent Van Gogh

Gauguin considered that Van Gogh's sunflower paintings, of which there are several, were highly successful and should become his trade mark. Van Gogh wanted the Yellow House at Aries to be decorated in 'a symphony of blue and yellow' to greet Gauguin when he came to live with him. He intended that the sunflower paintings should all be...

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Fritillaries in a Copper Vase, Paris 1887 - Vincent Van Gogh

Some of the first signs of Van Gogh's attempt to lighten and brighten his palette are found in his paintings of flowers in vases. He was very impressed by the painter Adolph Monticelli, who painted many colourful vases of flowers using thick, impasto paint and strong, even clashing colour combinations. Monticelli's critics were very rude about his loose...

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A Pair of Old Shoes, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

This rather low-key colour composition of a pair of old shoes was painted at the height of Van Gogh's powerful, colourful and expansive period of work in Aries. Although his handling of the textural quality of the paint has much in common with other works being produced at this time, the very close colour range, even the lack...

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Birds' nests, boots, flowers, fruits and utensils - Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogfa is probably best known for his landscapes and portraits but it is his still life, Sunflowers (p.156), that really persists in the popular mind. Painters often use still life as a recourse to expression when other means are blocked, perhaps due to bad weather or the lack of a model. Again, when the mind is struggling for...

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Dr Gachet Sitting at a Table, Auvers-sur-Oise 1890 - Vincent Van Gogh

Dr Paul (iachet was a physician and amateur painter, a friend of Monticelli and a collector of works by Cezanne, Pissarro and Renoir. Pissarro suggested to Theo, Van Gogh's brother, that the doctor keep an eye on Van Gogh while he lived near Paris so that Theo could visit him more easily. The doctor was obliging and encouraged...

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Père Tanguy, Paris 1887 - Vincent Van Gogh

Pére Tanguy was the avuncular Paris art supplier and dealer who was a champion of unrecognized artists, often allowing them supplies in return for a painting. Most of his artist customers owed him money -a fact to which his wife was not always reconciled. He was widely liked and recognized by most of the young artists, and built...

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Augustine Roulin (La Berceuse), Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

This is the motherly wife of Joseph Roulin the postman, mother of Armand, Camille and the newborn baby girl, with whom she was also painted. Van Gogh attempted several of these paintings at the same time and had quite a struggle to finish even one of them. ...

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Armand Roulin, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

The portrait of Joseph Roulin's eldest son, Armand, gives a very nice picture of a young countryman endeavouring to show panache, with his dark, jaunty hat, yellow jacket and clean linen. His face gives away his youth, with its slightly uncertain look in the eyes and the wispy moustache barely disguising his soft mouth and rounded chin. ...

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Camille Roulin, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh's series of portraits of the Roulin family included this painting of Joseph Roulin's youngest son, Camille, an eleven-year-old, whom he paints wearing a large floppy beret-style hat. The boy was probably pleased to sit as the rest of his family were being painted as well, and no doubt he would not have wanted to be left...

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The Old Peasant Patience Escalier, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

This remarkable portrait of an old peasant is a very positive statement of the colour combinations that Van Gogh was now interested in. The bright yellow, thickly-painted straw hat and the sharply lined bright-blue smock contrast splendidly with the bright orange background; the colour of the south as far as Van Gogh was concerned. ...

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Joseph Roulin Sitting in a Cane Chair, Three-quarter Length, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

Joseph Roulin was the local postman, and he and all his family were friendly with Van Gogh and sat for him. The family lived close to the Yellow House and Van Gogh decided that he would paint every member of the family. He wrote of making portraits '...of an entire family, that of the postman, of whom I...

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La Mousme Sitting in a Cane Chair, Half-Figure, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

When Van Gogh moved to Aries, he was immediately enchanted by the whole atmosphere of the Midi region of France. He was convinced that here was the place where 'the painter of the future will be a colourist such as has never existed'. Describing one of his portraits he said, 'I imagine the man...surrounded by the whole Midi....

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Lieutenant Milliet, Arles 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

Second Lieutenant Milliet became a good friend of Van Gogh while he was in Aries. Van Gogh wrote about him in letters on his luck in love affairs, '...Milliet is lucky, he has as many Artésiennes as he wants; but then he cannot paint them, and if he were a painter he would not get them. I must...

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Self-Portrait in Front of an Easel, Paris 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

While in Paris Van Gogh produced several self-portraits when he was trying to think of how to earn a living as a painter. He thought that if he could display some good self-portraits, it might help generate some work. Unfortunately he managed to quarrel with many of his friends and acquaintances, which affected his financial situation. Instead he...

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Portrait of a Woman with Carnations, Paris 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

This is one of Van Gogh's most extraordinary portraits, because it almost looks like a regression to an amateur style. However, the one big difference is the astounding range of colour, which previously had not been seen so clearly in his Paris work. It is almost as if this is a composition of primary colours, with the drawing...

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Cypresses, St-Remy 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh made vigorous studies of the cypresses near St-Remy before he produced this painting, with its distant view across the landscape to the low mountains in the distance. He has taken the natural curl and sweep of the cypress trees and increased their undulations to create a flame-like flicker of dark tree shapes that seem to burn...

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