Bofors gun



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Bofors gun


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Bofors gun

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Bofors gun

The Bofors gun was a generic name for any 75- mm lightweight, highly transportable howitzer that resembled the Bofors 75-mm Model 1934 weapon manufactured by AB Bofors, a Swedish arms maker. Indeed, many nations purchased the original Bofors weapon prior to and during World War II. (Sweden, a neutral in the war, was free to deal with all belligerents.) The original Bofors was a beautifully crafted, very sturdy artillery weapon mounted on wheels and designed to be pulled by a vehicle, horse, or the troops themselves. It was designed expressly as a "mountain gun," readily transported across difficult terrain, but it was used elsewhere as well. As a howitzer, it could be made to fire for range with a relatively flat trajectory, or it could be adjusted for a steeper, mortarlike trajectory. The specifications for the Model 1934 include: Caliber: 75 mm Length: overall, 1.8 meters (70.87 inches); barrel only, 1.583 meters (62.32 inches) Weight: 2,046 pounds Elevation: -10° to +50° Traverse: 8° Muzzle velocity: 1,493 feet per second Maximum range: 10,171 yards Projectile weight: 14.53 pounds

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Bofors gun

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