cats and religion



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cats and religion


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cats and religion

The symbolism and role of the cat in religion. The cat, an animal at once mysterious, independent, and familiar, has long been felt to have special spiritual power. In ancient Egypt, the GODDESS of pleasure, Bast, was symbolized by a cat, and her temple was full of sacred cats, which were mummifi ed after death (see EGYPTIAN RELIGION). On the other hand, in medieval Europe, cats, especially black ones, were sometimes thought to be demonic, envoys or even personifi cations of the devil and familiars of witches, and sacrifi ced to ward off ill-fortune. The HALLOWEEN black cat is a carryover from those unhappy days for cats. In ISLAM, the prophet MUHAMMAD is said to have been especially fond of cats and so they are well regarded. In Japan it has been considered bad luck to kill a cat. For many people in the modern world, a pet dog or cat remains their closest contact with the wonder and mystery of the animal world.

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cats and religion

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