Hera (Lady)



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Hera (Lady)

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Hera (Lady)

 Greek Queen of Olympus, sister

and wife of Zeus, daughter of Cronus and Rhea.

Known as Juno by the Romans. Mother of Ares,

Hebe, Hephaestus, and Eileithya. The patroness of

marriage, Hera was the goddess most concerned with

the welfare of women and children.

Hera was an ancient goddess, existing long before

the new gods, including Zeus. Her original name is

unknown: Hera is a title, meaning “Lady.” Her original

cult was so strong that the newcomers to the Greek

peninsula from the North had to acknowledge it and

absorb it into their own religion by making Hera the

consort of Zeus, the king of the Olympian Gods.

Hera was depicted as a young woman, fully clad and

of regal beauty, sometimes wearing a high, cylindrical

crown. Her emblems include a scepter topped with a

cuckoo and a pomegranate, symbol of married love

and fruitfulness. The peacock is sacred to Hera, testifying

to the services of the hundred-eyed Argus (1).

The marriage of Hera and Zeus was not a happy

one, because Zeus was unfaithful to his wife and

Hera was angry and jealous. She sought to avenge

herself on Zeus and his loves in various ways. The

many quarrels between Hera and Zeus may reflect

the conflicts between the old gods, where woman was

the Earth Mother and Queen, and the new maledominated

religion of Zeus and the Olympians.

Hera and the Cuckoo There are several legends


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Hera (Lady)

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