James Joyce.



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James Joyce.


Aperçu du corrigé : James Joyce.

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James Joyce.

James Joyce.


James Joyce (1882-1941), Irish author, whose writings feature revolutionary innovations in prose techniques. He was one of the foremost literary figures of the 20th
century. Joyce is best known for his epic novel Ulysses (1922), which uses stream of consciousness, a literary technique that attempts to portray the natural and
sometimes irrational flow of thoughts and sensations in a person's mind.



James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was born in a Dublin suburb. He was the eldest of ten children, and his family was poor and Roman Catholic. As a youth, Joyce was
educated at Roman Catholic lower schools and at home. He earned a degree in Latin from University College, Dublin in 1902. While he was at University College, Joyce
renounced the Roman Catholic faith. In 1904 he and his companion, Nora Barnacle, left Ireland for good. They lived in Trieste, Italy; Paris, France; and Zürich,
Switzerland. They had two children but did not marry until 1931. To support the family, Joyce worked as a language instructor and received writing grants from
patrons, but the family was never comfortable financially. During much of his adult life Joyce suffered from a series of severe eye troubles that eventually led to near
blindness. He died in 1941, shortly after the outbreak of World War II (1939-1945).



Joyce was a pioneer and a model for authors who believed in free written expression. Most of his works feature inventive language, and many of them have been
criticized for being too obscure in their references or too blunt in their descriptions of intimate matters, including sexual activity. His writing evolved steadily from
adolescent lyrics to precise vignettes to bold combinations of autobiography and satire. Most of his works deal with everyday life in 20th-century Dublin. Joyce once
remarked that "the extraordinary is the province of journalists," and most of his writings concentrate on ordinary people, objects, and places.
Although Joyce renounced the Roman Catholic faith, his writings frequently refer to the rich tradition of the Church. He compared the artist and the writer to the priest,
who performs certain social and aesthetic functions in a dramatic display. He also compared the literary use of symbols to the religious use of sacraments, which are the
outward and visible representations of inward and invisible spiritual states. (One such sacrament is baptism, which represents the favor of God bestowed on an
individual.) Joyce called some of his early sketches epiphanies; the term epiphany, often used in a religious context, means an understanding that comes about through
a sudden intuitive realization. A Joycean epiphany is a small descriptive moment, action, or phrase that holds much larger meaning-for example, a single word or
gesture that explains a person's entire personality.



As an undergraduate Joyce published essays on literature. His first book, Chamber Music (1907), consists of 36 love poems that reflect the influence of the lyrici...

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James Joyce.

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