Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner



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Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner


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Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner

Revised November 2011
official Business
penalty for private Use: $300
United StateS
department of the interior
national park Service
p.o. Box 168
Yellowstone national park
Wyoming 82190

U.S. Postage Paid
Yellowstone National Park, WY
Permit G-83

Yellowstone Trip Planner


Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner

1 Welcome
2 Highlights,

visitor centers
and museums

3 Programs and

tours, activities

4 Map
5 Services
6 Regulations

and permits

7 Camping and

Explore Yellowstone safely


... by avoiding surprise encounters with
wildlife. In areas with low visibility, make
good use of your human voice. Talk, sing
songs, share stories, or jokes, anything you
can sustain comfortably while walking to
let animals know you're sharing an area.

npS / peaCo

1 Explore Yellowstone safely
Stay on boardwalks


You must stay on boardwalks and designated
trails around hydrothermal features. Delicate
formations and crust surrounding them is
thin and breaks easily, and often overlies
scalding water. Visitors have died in them.
o Toxic gases exist at dangerous levels in some
areas. If you feel sick, leave immediately.
o Pets are prohibited in hydrothermal areas.
o Swimming is prohibited where water flows
entirely from a hydrothermal spring or
pool. Where allowed, swim at your own
risk. The water can harbor agents of fatal
meningitis and Legionnaires' disease.

n npS / peaCo

Most visitors come to
see and experience wild
animals and hydothermal
features. Enjoy and
make the most of these

Keep your children next to you and make sure they
understand park hazards, especially hydrothermal
areas, wildlife, and steep drop-offs.

25 yards (23 m)

100 yards (91 m)

Keep your distance. Federal regulation requires you to stay at least 100 yards (91 m) away from bears and wolves,
and at least 25 yards (23 m) away from all other wild animals, such as bison, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, moose, and coyotes.

Do not approach wildlife
If any wild animal changes its behavior
due to your presence, you are too close.
Do not approach wildlife, no matter how
tame or calm they may appear to you in
the moment. Always obey instructions
from park staff on scene.

Close human contact can be highly
stressful to wildlife, forcing them to
risk injury and to squander reserves
for other life purposes, such as
reproduction, nurturing of offspring,
and winter survival.

npS / SChmidt

Big as they are, bison can sprint three
times faster than humans can run.
No vacation picture is worth personal
injury. Your best view may be from inside
a hard-sided vehicle.

Do not feed, or allow any animal to
obtain a food reward from you. It is
unhealthy, and it can lead to aggressive
behavior and roadside accidents.

elk can be unexpectedly aggressive. Keep your distance.

Do not run from a bear
Visitors are required to keep all food and
garbage stored in a bear-proof manner.
When viewing bears along roads, use
pullouts and stay in your car.
When hiking, stay in groups of three or
more people. Make noise in areas where
you can't see far around you. Be alert for
bear sign, such as fresh tracks or scat.
Never approach an animal carcass.

Carry bear spray and take time to learn
how to use it safely and effectively.
o If you have a surprise encounter with a
bear, do not run. Slowly back away.
o If a bear charges, stand your ground
and use your bear spray. It has been
highly successful at stopping aggressive
behavior in bears.

o If a bear charges and makes contact with
you, fall to the ground onto your stomach
and "play dead."
Report all bear encounters and wildlife
incidents to a park ranger immediately.
To learn more, please visit -

2 Highlights

npS / K eLLer

History People have been visiting and

Lower falls of the Yellowstone river

To see them, visit Mammoth Hot Springs,
Norris Geyser Basin, Fountain Paint Pot and
Firehole Lake Drive, Midway Geyser Basin,
the Old Faithful area, West Thumb Geyser
Basin, and Mud Volcano.

living in the Yellowstone area for thousands
of years. The park was established in 1872.
Visit Mammoth Hot Springs to walk the
self-guiding trail around Fort Yellowstone,
which chronicles the U.S. Army's role in
protecting the park. Other historic sites
include the Norris Geyser Basin Museum,
the Museum of the National Park Ranger,
Obsidian Cliff, and the Old Faithful Inn and
Historic District.

Lake Area Yellowstone Lake is North
America's largest high-altitude lake. The
area is prime habitat for many birds and
mammals. You can also enjoy boating,
fishing, hiking, and viewing hydrothermal

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Wildlife You can see a variety and

This spectacular canyon, including Upper
and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River,
can be seen from the overlooks and trails
of the Canyon Village area, and from the
Tower Fall and Calcite Springs overlooks
south of Tower Junction.

abundance of wildlife unparalleled in the
lower 48 states. All the large mammals
present when Yellowstone became a park are
here today: grizzly and black bears, wolves,
mountain lions, elk, bison, pronghorn,
moose, and bighorn sheep. You'll also see a
variety of birds, including bald eagles. Check
visitor centers for best viewing locations.

Geysers and Hot Springs Geysers,
hot springs, mudpots, and fumaroles are
evidence of ongoing volcanic activity.

Visitor Centers and Museums
These facilities are open
late May to late September

Fishing Bridge Visitor Center
Information, bookstore, and exhibits
on birds, wildlife, and lake geology.

Grant Visitor Center Information,
bookstore, exhibits, and video...

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Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner

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