La cryptomonnaie



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La cryptomonnaie


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La cryptomonnaie

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La cryptomonnaie




Technical Paper -1.6 


Cryptocurrencies are a fast-developing asset class in the financial markets. Because of 
the speed of development and innovative features, their variety amongst them and each 
cryptocurrency require a special way of working with it. Most of them have their own 
client and API endpoints for working with different cryptography mechanics and different 
ideologies. But a common trait among this set is that one user can transfer money to 
another user. However there is a problem even for the most technically savvy people it is not easy to manage several cryptocurrencies: one must protect their private 
keys, check for vulnerabilities in different clients for saving money, etc. Also, the user 
must remember the specific mechanics of different cryptocurrencies. The absence of a 
hassle-free way to manage your cryptocurrencies is the main reason why their adoption 
has been low amongst not technically savvy users. 
This is where Global Crypto Pay (GCP) comes in. It is an all-in-one platform which 
encompasses the full circle of services around cryptocurrencies. The focal point is 
providing banking capabilities to crypto holders (which is still a major gap in the crypto 
world) with conventional tools such as deposits, debit and credit cards, collateralized 
loans and cryptocurrency wallets. On the other hand, the platform will also enable 
businesses and traders via its exchange platform, offering advanced capabilities such as 
asset tokenisations and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). All services will be payable by 
the platform’s own native token - GCX . The token will also serve as a governance tool for 
the platform itself. 

Before we move to the technical details of the system, we would first like to 
clarify several terms which are commonly encountered throughout this 
? GCW - Global Crypto Wallet  
? GCPS - ...

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La cryptomonnaie

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