Life of Pi



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Life of Pi


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Life of Pi

  Life Of Pi is a novel written by Yann Martel, published first in 2002 in Great Britain and later in 2010 by Walker Canongate. Life Of Pi was recently made into a movie during the autumn of 2012, by Ang Lee casting Suraj Sharma as Pi. The movie was a major success and allowed the book to take off becoming an international best seller, selling more than 12 million copies. Yann Martel is a Canadian writer who was born in June 1963, in Spain. He has won many awards for his novel Life Of Pi. 
This novel is a fiction genre since the story did not actually happen but can also be considered as non-fiction as Yann Martel states that he was inspired by a true story that was once told to him.
This book report will seek to first summarise the story of this novel, to explain all the different themes involved, to take a look at the protagonist and antagonist present in Life Of Pi and to understand the title of this novel. 

The story of Life Of Pi is about a young Indian boy who survives staying on a life boat with, at the beginning, a hyena, a zebra, an orang-utan and a Bengal tiger. The novel is about the adventure of survival, of the young boy named Pi and the Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.
In the beginning of this novel we travel through Pi’s childhood, when his family owned a zoo and lived in a home in India. He was showed by his father the dangers of animals showing Pi, a tiger eating up savagely a goat, which should have made Pi less naive about all all the different danger...

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Life of Pi

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