Places and Forms of Power- Sum up



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Places and Forms of Power- Sum up


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Places and Forms of Power- Sum up

Indeed, through the history of the USA, American\'s people have looked for ennemies, or mainly scapegoats. In order to express this idea, I will use as a second document \"Village of fear\", which is an extract of \"The Crucible\", a play by Arthur Miller. The scene take place in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. This historical play shows how, in the late 17th century, Puritans started a witch hunt and killed or send to jail those who were found guilty of witchcraft. In the extract, Reverend Parris wants Abigail, his niece, to confess what she did in the forest with his daughter, because he is convinced that they were conjuring spirits. The interest of the passage lies in the power that has a wave of paranoia when it spreads around the country. Puritans were frightenned, and therefore have accused women of being witches in order to have scapegoats. If some puritans lived in total freedom, they crushed women and the population by spreading rumor of witchcraft and terrified them. Thus, in the darkest periods of the United States, some of their values were not always respected. Besides, this is a fact that recurs at another time in the history of the USA


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Places and Forms of Power- Sum up

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