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Can we lie to ourselves?


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Can we lie to ourselves?

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Can we lie to ourselves?

Can we lie to ourselves?

Alexander Pushkin wrote in 1831: “to a flat and tenuous truth, I prefer an exhilarating lie.” For this illustrious writer, lying is thus an enviable alternative to a often boring and monotonous everyday life. This idea may sound charming but this dual act of trumpery does not seem to be able to exist among use as it requires two beings : an utterer we could say, who knows about the truth and a dupe, victim of the former.

Thus, within the scope of this question appear the outlines of a paradox to which we will try to answer in this work : how could one, voluntarily or not, overshadow a truth from his consciousness whilst knowing that this truth is ?

I will first demonstrate that the unity of the subject prevents the existence of such lies then that they could yet exist by the mean of the unconscious and I will eventually write about the essential necessity of self-honesty.

Traditionally, the subject - the individual - has always been considerated as one by the classical philosophic way of thinking. Descartes for instance states in his Principles of Philosophy : « everything that happens among us is such that we immediately notice it by ourselves. » If an idea, a memory or a thought bothers me, I cannot make myself believe that it does not exist because doing this I am absolutely aware of its presence in my mind. The inner unicity of men is the very basis of most works on humans before the XXth century; for classical philosophers, men are composed of a body and soul, eternal or not but always one and only one.

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Can we lie to ourselves?"
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<br /> <br /> Can we lie to ourselves?

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