"Aux vainqueurs la spoliation" - Critique (Anglais)



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"Aux vainqueurs la spoliation" - Critique (Anglais)


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"Aux vainqueurs la spoliation" - Critique (Anglais)


The Shaping of the XXth Century

‘To the victors belong the spoils’. Critically discuss with reference to the peace settlements of EITHER World War I OR World War II.

It is broadly accepted that in each war, the victors have in theory the responsibility to implement a lasting peace treaty. The reality, however, it is quite different. The Treaty of Frankfurt, that put an end to the Franco-Prussian War, is a good example of a spoliation imposed by the victors as the Prussians took away Alsace and Moselle from France while forcing it to pay an indemnity. After the sharing of Africa in the 1884 – 1885 Berlin Conference, some tensions arose between the colonial empires (such as the 1898 Fachoda Crisis between French and British for the control of the Upper Nile river basin) following this logic: a war enables the victor authority over the peace and the conditions that go with it. Therefore, why would the First World War be an exception to the following logic: ‘to the victors belong the spoils’. The First World War represents on the contrary the climax of the war driven by the wish of economic power and territorial supremacy, proving the veracity of this maxim.

The Treaty of Versailles, signed the 28 June 1919, is the most important peace treaty ending the war. Therefore, it seems important to based our argument on this treaty first. Decided by the Allied troops (so de facto by the World War I victors) without consulting Germany, it has heavy consequences on the shaping of a new post-war Europe. Indeed, its article 231 held Germany accountable for the war and the country was consequently forced to pay fo...

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&quot;Aux vainqueurs la spoliation&quot; - Critique (Anglais)

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