POUR LE SUJET: L'homme est-il réellement libre ?
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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
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During the Middle Ages, anti-Semitic activity shifted from the regions around the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Jews were systematically barred from many economic institutions. The theologian Thomas AQUINAS taught that because Jews were guilty of deicide ("killing God"), princes were permitted to take their property whenever they wanted. Especially from 1200 on, Jews were required to live in separate areas, sometimes surrounded by walls. In Italian these areas...

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One of the earliest and most infl uential orders of Roman Catholic MONKS AND NUNS. Benedictines follow the rule of St. Benedict (c. 480–c. 547). This rule divides the day into times for worship, work, and study. It is moderate rather than harsh. For example, it does not greatly emphasize fasting or lack of sleep. By following the rule Benedictines cultivate obedience, endurance, humility, and gentleness. Benedictines...

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Ezekiel (sixth century B.C.E.) A priest who authored one of the prophetic books of the Hebrew BIBLE, also named Ezekiel Ezekiel uttered both words of warning before the destruction of JERUSALEM (587 B.C.E.) and words of hope afterward. His prophecies are remarkable for their symbolic, visionary quality. Among them are the throne of YHWH ("the Lord") with its four living creatures (Ezekiel 1), the valley of dry...

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In traditional folklore, nonhuman, quasisupernatural but not divine beings who dwell on this planet. Fairies, elves, gnomes, dwarfs, brownies, trolls, and pixies are familiar names. While not strictly religious, belief in fairies is interesting and important for showing that the sense of wonder that is one source of religion can have other manifestations than the reverence of GOD alone. In some religious mythologies, one fi...

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Encyclopedia of Philosophy: A posteriori ?

A POSTERIORI A partir de ce qui suit, ce qui est conclu des effets. Une connaissance est dite a posteriori quand on conclut après expérience et d'après ce qu'on tire de cette expérience (les corps sont pesants, les cellules nerveuses ne se reproduisent pas...). On nomme a posteriori, la preuve qui conclut l'existence de Dieu de l'existence du monde prise...

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Art, abstract

The nearest precedent of the category and its label is the use, from about 1870, of the term 'abstract music' for music without lyrics or programme. Until late in the nineteenth century, use of the vocabulary of abstraction in relation to the visual arts was rare and predominantly pejorative. For example, Gustave Courbet in ...

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Félicitations pour service rendu (professionnel) (1)

Dear [Mr or Mrs or Sirs], We have been dealing with [nom et fonction] for two years and we wanted to tell you how [qualités] he has been to us. Thanks to him, we have been able to [action]. Though we have had to do this work in difficult conditions, his advices and handling of the situation have always proved...

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Lettre-type - Annonce d'un nouveau produit (2)

Dear [Mr or Mrs or Sirs], In order to answer the customer demand, we have the pleasure to inform you of the new development of our product range. This new range involves [produits]. We believe that these [produits] will appeal to your customers and will give you entire satisfaction. All of them are available at the very competitive price of [...]. For...

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Proposition de service (2)

Dear [Mr or Mrs or Sirs], We have heard that you are currently looking for [service] and thought we would write to offer our services. [société] is well known in [domaine] and can provide you with [service]. Our tariffs are very competitive. As for an example, [service], including [...] is charged [montant], payable in [conditions de paiement]. Our trade referees [noms]...

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Multiculturalism success

Muticulturalism success   1)    It allows to tackle discrimination…   -British government has put different laws in place to ensure everyone is treated fairly. Those laws are based on : race /disability/ Gender/ Sexual orientation/ religion and belief - I will present examples of applications: Social Exclusion...

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Elvis presley

Today, 35 years after the death of Elvis, he remains an icon of the twentieth century. Countless artists of the second half of the century were inspired and influenced by Presley's music and style, including his dance moves, attitude and clothing. For example john Lennon...

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Prime Numbers.

Prime Numbers. Prime Numbers, integers greater than 1 that are not the products of the multiplication of any combination of positive integers other than themselves and 1. Of the first ten positive integers greater than 1 (2 through 11), for example, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 11 are prime, whereas 4 (= 2 × 2), 6 (= 2 × 3),...

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Integer. Integer, any number that is a natural number (the counting numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, ...), a negative of a natural number (-1, -2, -3, -4, ...), or zero. A large proportion of mathematics has been devoted to integers because of their immediate application to real situations. Any integer greater than 1 that is divisible only by itself and 1...

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Fraction. Fraction, a number, such as ? or ? , that is not a whole number but that is formed by dividing one quantity by another. The top number of a fraction is called the numerator, while the bottom number is called the denominator. Fractions represent portions of a whole. If you cut an apple into four equal pieces and...

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Coordinate System (mathematics).

Coordinate System (mathematics). Coordinate System (mathematics), system for identifying elements in a set of points by labeling them with numbers. The numbers are called coordinates and can be thought of as giving the position of a point within the set. The system of latitude and longitude is an example of a coordinate system that uses two coordinates to specify the position...

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Commutative Property (mathematics).

Commutative Property (mathematics). Commutative Property (mathematics), trait of mathematical operations that are independent of the order of the numbers or symbols involved. Addition, for example, is an operation that is commutative: The result of adding 4 + 2 is the same as that of adding 2 + 4. The commutative law of addition states that x + y = y...

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Green activist

The term green activist is a self-description for an environmental activist that adopts a 'hands-on' effort to save a plot of land. Eco warrior An Eco Warrior is an individual who cares about our environment & the diversity of life forms that share it. Being an Eco Warrior is to simply care for our environment in our daily activities...

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Anglais oral héros

Myths and Heroes This year in class we've talked about the Heroes and especially illustrated that notion with the example of Indiana Jones. A hero is someone who inspires people thanks to his noble qualities. What made Indiana Jones such a likeable hero? Indiana Jones best represents the classic Greek hero. He is a learned man who isn't afraid to...

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Restoration act

Context Place of blacks in society evolves through the decades but still lots of discriminations. Civil rights act in 1984: discrimination on race color sex or religion becomes illegal. Title IX: portion of the United States Education Amendment of 1972. Introduced by Birch Bayh a senator of Indiana. It prohibits sex discrimination in "any education program or activity receiving Federal...

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Presentation making the case against Castes

MAKING THE CASE AGAINST CASTE The text I\'m going to present you is a press article which headline is MAKING THE CASE AGAINST CASTE, written by Liz Stuart and published in a British magazine called The Guardian Weekly on January, 10th 2002. It deals with discrimination against Dalits in India., and more precisely, we have a...

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