POUR LE SUJET: L'homme est-il réellement libre ?
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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
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In Latin countries, a festival held just before the beginning of the fasting season of LENT. During Carnival, joviality and rich foods, including meat, are enjoyed for the last time until EASTER. Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a good example. By extension, though, Carnival can be taken to refer to a type of festival found throughout the religious world, such as holi in...

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The state of remaining unmarried and abstaining from sex for religious reasons. In some religions living in a state of celibacy is considered the way of perfection and the state appropriate to its leaders or its most dedicated practitioners. Examples of religious celibates are priests and MONKS AND NUNS of ROMAN CATHOLICISM; bishops, monks, and nuns in EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY; Buddhist monks and nuns; Taoist...

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A story of how the world came to be. Not all religions talk about the origin of the world and of human life. For example, the BUDDHA adamantly refused to address questions about origins. He said these questions were unimportant. Instead, one should analyze the world as it stands and seek to gain release from SAMSARA, or rebirth. Few religions, however, have been able...

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A method by which religious people in the second half of the 20th century tried to understand one another. Dialogue was especially popular among liberals of all three branches of CHRISTIANITY: EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY, ROMAN CATHOLICISM, and PROTESTANTISM. Talking with people who practice a religion different from one's own is certainly not new. Akbar (1542–1605), a Muslim emperor of India, was noted for his religious tolerance....

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Diamond Sutra

A relatively brief MAHAYANA Buddhist writing. It became important for practicers of ZEN BUDDHISM as well as for other schools of BUDDHISM. The Diamond Sutra is one of a group of writings known as Prajna-paramita sutras, that is, "discourses concerned with perfect wisdom." Originally an Indian book written in Sanskrit, it was translated into Chinese around 400 C.E. The sutra records a conversation between the BUDDHA and...

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||   In my father's room, there was a small tray with some medicine on it and nothing else. It was a neat room, no sign of human disorder. Where bad he lived his life? Where were the traces of the things he had valued? Then i saw the photograph. It was a poor example of tbat art, in colouring dun (1), in delineation soft. But...

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Benjamin, Walter

Diametrically opposed to this stance is what Benjamin terms 'melancholy', a scepticism about the claims of science and empirical knowledge. The melancholic artist devises allegories and conceits to emphasize their despair at the inaccessibility of God's reality; the Baroque Trauerspiel is a typical example of this attitude. However, this is a rash response to the problems of mimetic realism, or 'symbolism',...

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The money

Money is a thing of great significance in the contemporary world. Some people do not want to admit that money is very important in their lives, but the truth is there is someone who wants to become a beggar. Everyone needs money to live and realize their dreams. But making money should not be the first meaning of life. I admire and respect...

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Variable (mathematics).

Variable (mathematics). Variable (mathematics), mathematical or physical quantity that does not have a fixed numerical value. A quantity that does have a fixed numerical value is known as a constant. Equations relate variables to each other by means of constants. For example, the equation d = ygt2 governs the distance d that a falling object travels in a given amount of time...

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Irrational Numbers.

Irrational Numbers. Irrational Numbers, class of numbers that cannot be produced by dividing any integer by another integer. Integers comprise the positive whole numbers, negative whole numbers, and zero: ...-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3.... Examples of irrational numbers include the square root of two (Ã , 1.41421356...), pi (p, 3.14159265...), and the mathematical constant e (2.71828182...). When expressed as...

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Complementary Number.

Complementary Number. Complementary Number, in number theory, the number obtained by subtracting a number from its base. For example, the complement of 7 in numbers to base 10 is 3. Complementary numbers are necessary in computing, as the only mathematical operation of which digital computers (including pocket calculators) are directly capable is addition. Two numbers can be subtracted by adding one...

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Base (mathematics).

Base (mathematics). Base (mathematics), the number of different single-digit symbols used in a particular number system. In the usual counting system of numbers, the decimal system (with symbols 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), the base is 10. In the binary number system, which has only the symbols 1 and 0, the base is 2. A...

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Square (geometry).

Square (geometry). Square (geometry), two-dimensional figure with four straight sides, whose four interior angles are right angles (90°), and whose four sides are of equal length. If the sides of a square have length s, the perimeter of the square is simply four times the length of a side, represented algebraically by the formula P = 4s. The area of a...

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Variable (mathematics).

Variable (mathematics). Variable (mathematics), mathematical or physical quantity that does not have a fixed numerical value. A quantity that does have a fixed numerical value is known as a constant. Equations relate variables to each other by means of constants. For example, the equation d = ygt2 governs the distance d that a falling object travels in a given amount of time...

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Inequality (mathematics).

Inequality (mathematics). Inequality (mathematics), mathematical relationship that makes use of the way in which numbers are ordered. Figure 1 shows the symbols used to denote inequality. For example, the inequality 3 < 10 says that the number 3 is less than the number 10. The inequality x2>= 0 expresses the fact that the square of any real number is always greater...

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Absolute Value (mathematics).

Absolute Value (mathematics). Absolute Value (mathematics), or modulus, in mathematics, the value, or magnitude, of a number irrespective of its sign. The absolute value of a number n is written |n | (or sometimes as mod n ), and is defined as the positive square root of n 2. For example, the numbers -5 and 5 have the same absolute...

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Whistler's Mother - - art.

Whistler's Mother - - art. One of the best-known paintings by American artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Arrangement in Black and Grey No. 1: The Artist's Mother (1871, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France), known more simply as Whistler's Mother, demonstrates his characteristic style and reveals his European influences. Whistler lived in Europe for most of his life and incorporated many impressionist techniques into...

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Synthèse anglais

SPACES AND EXCHANGES Through trade, conquest, emigration and communication, nations have always influenced others beyond their borders and have always been influenced, culturally, economically or politically. Geographically, our world has never seemed smaller, thanks to the globalisation, wich have accelerated the rhythm of exchanges. Peoples and nations, thanks to this evolution, now keep on borrowing the languages and cultures of other peoples...

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Lucas TURBANTES2 28/03/2014 DNL Since the Seconde, the European Section brought me a lot of things. First of all, it's a class focused on deepening English which is today, indispensable for the relation with the world and the job for example. Learn to speak english is a indispensable tool for our profesional and allows to understand and to be understand in ...

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La télé réalité

The reality television INTRODUCTION I will speak to you about reality TV. Nowadays, the reality TV take an important place in teenagers' life. Indeed when teens go back home after school, in general they want to have a break. So they watch reality TV because they don't need to reflect. That's why, i wondered me : What is the influence...

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