POUR LE SUJET: L'homme est-il réellement libre ?
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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
TAPEZ LES MOTS-CLES: homme nature ou homme nature société
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Roman In the earliest Roman religion, a sun god worshiped by the Sabines, who introduced the cult of Sol to the Roman people when a Sabine king ruled over that city. As Greek religions gained influence over the religions of Rome, people identified Sol with Helios, the Greek sun god, and with Apollo, who also had attributes of the Sun in his myths. Later,...

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LORD OF WAR (film)

|| We will present a film called Lord of war. This film is an American feature film which is released in January the 4th in 2006. He was directed by Andrew niccol in 2005. The main actors are Nicolas cage, Jared Leto and Ethan hawak. A little-known consequence of the end of the cold war was the enormous quantity of...

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  1.Age of the universe We think we now know quite accurately what the universe is like. It consists of a vast expanse of space, in which matter is dotted about in the form of galaxies.   Each galaxy, spiralling round like a gigantic Catherine wheel, is made up of billions of stars, which are like our Sun. ...

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The internet is one of the United States most significant and growing industry. It enables free and open communication among billions and it has been the backbone to protests around the world. But according to surveys, pirate websites (where you can for example illegally download music or movies) attract more than 50 billion visites a year and threathen...

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India : two sides of the same coin

|| ➢ Population : 1,15 billion today in India ➢ Capital city : New Delhi ➢ Languages : Hindi, English ... ➢ Religions : Hindu, Muslim … ➢ Hobbies : Hockey, Cricket ||...

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« Why are one billion people dying of hunger while another one billion are dying of excess? »

||   Je vais premièrement décrire cette photographie, ensuite je vais expliquer les deux différences qui sont citer dans cette phrase d'introduction. pour finir par dire les intentions de l'auteur.   Ce document est une photographie, faite par « Corrine Dufka « et publier le 11 février 2011 sur le site d'adbusters.  De format portrait, elle représente 5 enfants africains. Chacun d'eux tiennent...

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Exposé TNC Apple anglais européen

Apple Apple is a multinational company which produces high technologies products ,...

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The indian Tragedy (résumé)

SUMMARY OF THE INDIAN TRAGEDY And Government's Measure Summary: India, a country in South Asia with a population of more than 1.2 billion people, is the world's largest democracy. Over the past two decades, with an influx of new money and new opportunities, India has become a rising global powerhouse. Even so, grinding poverty and corruption still persist. Sexual assault and...

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Milky Way - astronomy.

Milky Way - astronomy. I INTRODUCTION Milky Way, the large, disk-shaped aggregation of stars, or galaxy, that includes the Sun and its solar system. In addition to the Sun, the Milky Way contains about 400 billion other stars. There are hundreds of billions of other galaxies in the universe, some of which are much larger and contain many more stars than the...

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Great Andromeda Spiral Galaxy - astronomy.

Great Andromeda Spiral Galaxy - astronomy. I INTRODUCTION Great Andromeda Spiral Galaxy, also known as M31 and as the Andromeda Galaxy, large spiral galaxy in the constellation Andromeda, about 2.5 million light-years from Earth. The Great Andromeda Spiral Galaxy is the largest nearby galactic neighbor to the Milky Way Galaxy, Earth's home galaxy, and is part of the Local Group. Because it is so...

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Alpha Centauri - astronomy.

Alpha Centauri - astronomy. Alpha Centauri, closest star system to Earth and third brightest star in the sky. Alpha Centauri is located in the constellation Centaurus and is sometimes called Rigil Kentaurus, which literally means "foot of the centaur." Alpha Centauri is actually a triple star system that appears as a single point of light because its two largest and brightest...

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Lutetium - chemistry.

Lutetium - chemistry. Lutetium, symbol Lu, silvery white metallic element with an atomic number of 71. Lutetium is one of the transition elements of the periodic table (see Periodic Law). Lutetium was discovered independently by two investigators, the French chemist Georges Urbain in 1907 and the Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach about the same time. It was named by Urbain,...

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Définition et usage du mot: BILLION, substantif masculin.

Définition et usage du mot: BILLION, substantif masculin. A.— Vieux. Synonyme : milliard : Ø Pourquoi devons-nous payer chaque année plusieurs billions de dollars pour combattre les criminels? ALEXIS CARREL, L'Homme cet inconnu, 1935, page 334. B.— Un million de millions (1012 ). Remarque : 1. Attesté dans Grand Larousse encyclopédique en dix volumes, DICTIONNAIRE ENCYCLOPÉDIQUE QUILLET 1965, Grand...

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Disserte en Anglais sur "Detroit"

2°) Presentation the city. Detroit differs with its architectural style which is principally art deco style. there are also skyscrapers in detroit financial district. During the 20's century the population has been a quick increase. In 1950 the population reached almost 1,900,000 people. Detroit has a business district where there are world's automobile industries as general motors,...

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