POUR LE SUJET: L'homme est-il réellement libre ?
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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
TAPEZ LES MOTS-CLES: homme nature ou homme nature société
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Histoire du coca

The coca Cola story           It was invented in 1886 (eighteen eighty six) by a pharmacist called John Pemberton, who lived in Atlanta in the South of the USA. The reason why it’s called “coca cola” is that it’s made with “coca” leaves and “cola” nuts. Pemberton liked testing medical formulas and one afternoon he was searching a remedy for...

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Dear Felicia,   Last month, I was reading a news paper and found a very interesting job offer. As you may know, since I am deaf it is very hard to find a job where you will be completely accepted, so I decided to apply to the new Kentucky Fried Chicken branch for deaf people only.   On the first day there,...

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The death of Kennedy

 PS: ne pas copier mot à mot parfois des fautes de construction de phrases ! Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd 1963 in Dallas (Texas) while he waved the crowd during a parade day in the presidential car with his wife.   Kennedy was driven in the naval hospital of Bethesda. The surgeons tried to resuscitate him, but they didn’t succeeded....

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Woman : without her, man is nothing

  Julien Tavel                                            ‘Woman : without her, man is nothing’     This sentence in fact originates and has been quoted from the account of an English professor who once wrote the words ‘Woman without her man is nothing’ on the blackboard and asked his students to punctuate it. The boys in the class wrote: ‘A woman, without her man,...

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ENGLISH HOMEWORK _________________________________________       _________________________________________ 1/        English is one of the most speaking language in the world, and Berlitz has it understand! So with an add somewhat funny, they show us how it can be important to speak English.   The document is a video who’s presenting two mans, it’s issued from the company Berlitz. At the beginning  of the document...

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Invention - suite d'un extrait de "Follow the rabbit proof fence"

Constable Riggs was preoccupied because he didn’t find every girls he should have driven from the desert to Melbourne. The law was very strict about his job and he was maybe going to be retrograded. So, he looked at Molly and Gracie and decided that he had to ask them.  « Molly, Daisy, listen to me. I know you’re tired...

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Idée pour les impressions d'Amérique

Impressions of America. My trip in United States,  At first, I can say that I was very surprised about the education system in high school.I don’t really like their education, I prefer the French one.At the beginning, I was very surprised because it was very different from France. They choose their classes depending on what they like, and where...

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His father the chief

 His father, the chief 1)      The characters present in the passage are Edward Nappo, an Indian man living in the reservation of Montana, with his wife Jenny and his son. There is also an Indian agent living there, who is certainly supervising the reservation for the whites.   2)      The story seems to be set in the early 20th century because...

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The glance , novel

He looked at me. His glance was deep. He frowned. “Now, we are sure that your mother was a victim of a murder.” He said. I nodded. “Yes.” The policeman looked at me a long time, silently.  After a few moments, he got up from the table, and troughed papers in the dustbin. I glanced at him. “Well, it’s the Inspector Oarzbranch...

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Who am I, who are you

Who am I, who are you?     Who am I, Who are you? You're my brother in humanity, I won't ask your religion, I won't ask your nationality, Because I don't care, it won't change the way I see you. I'm a human been in a world full of haters, But if we put our hands together, And put our mind in it, We'll be able...

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Vocabulaire dans le domaine du cheval

arena carrière de dressage La bombe Riding cap Les gants Gloves La veste Jacket La chemise Shirt La culotte (de cheval) Riding breeches Les bottes Riding Boots La cravache Riding crop Les éperons Spurs Le tire-bottes Boot-jack Le manège   Indoor arena La carrière   Outdoor arena Un obstacle   Fence   Un box   Stable   Un box intérieur Inside stable Un box extérieur Outside stable Une écurie   Barn   La litière   Litter   La piste   Track   La sellerie   Saddle room Le rond de longe Lunging ring La selle     Saddle   Les étriers     Stirrups   Les rênes     Reins   Le mors     Bit   Le mors de bride   Curb bit   Le mors de filet   Snaffe bit   Le filet     Bridle   La bride     Weymouth bridle Le tapis de selle   Saddle carpet L'amortisseur...

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Woman in white chapter 5

Chapter 5 Marian Halcombe’s Narrative Laura and Marian doesn’t have anyone to protect us. Walter is in America , Mr Gilmore is ill and he’s in Germany, and there uncle Frederick Fairlie is a lazy Hypochondriac. Laura and Marian wrote him a letter asking if they could return to Limmeridge House. Then Percical speak to the Count in private because Sir...

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Dialogue anglais fairtrade

C-What are you reading? A-Well, it’s a book about fair trade. C- I didn´t know that you were interested by fair trade...   By the way, have you ever heard of FAIR TRADE before? A -Yeah, I found out about it when this dude from Coldplay started scribbling it on his hand for photo ops. I wanted to know more. It about...

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Businesse english

Business English Lin Chan is calling from Acme Appliances She wants to speack with Msr Wilson Senior Mrs Wilson is not available at the moment The expression that she uses to take a message is « May I take a message « « Could you ask him to phone me please « 23115654 The aim for a call it's organize a meeting Thursday 2:30 Voici les structures à utiliser pour : a)...

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SOFIE’S HEART (Hannibal Lecter Fanfiction)   It was summer 1984. She didn’t know why it happened. A simple thought crossed her mind and that was all. When it was done, she couldn’t remember when she had decided to act but she had. She was smiling and proud of what she achieved. The blood was spreading so fast on the ground. She...

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Lamia   The poem “Lamia” by John Keats is about Lycius, a young man and Lamia who turns from a serpent into a woman. The serpent is in love with Lycius and wants to marry him. Therefore Hermes, as a return for a favor, changes her outer appereance. When the two meet Lycius falls in love with her and they...

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Famine in Ireland

Famine in Ireland in the 19th century   The revolt of the Irish Catholics against Oliver Cromwell caused in 1649 a brutal suppression and the establishment of the Penal laws aimed to discriminate them. Among these measures, the Property Act instituted that the Catholic’s lands, instead of be passed down to the oldest child, were to be divided between all...

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Reasons of the first wolrd war

What were the causes of the First World War ?The Fist World War started in 1914 and ended in 1918. It has been the most destructive war in terms of human loss. But the war didn't start suddenly, I am going to explain the reasons for such a conflict, how Europe became a cobweb, entertaining relationship and agreeing to...

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Detective story

Detective Story I have been invited to the dinner party of my cousin Matt on the Halloween night in 1999. The feast take place on the Norham castle, (on the Northumberland county). Everyone was disguised and I didn't recognise no one. Just I knew that my sister and my uncle Oliver, the father of Matt, was here because I...

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Middle East

The British and the Middle East The Middle East is the part of the world which spreads from Egypt to Iran and from Turkey to the Arabic peninsula. From the 19th century the British have played an important role in this area but, as time went by, its influence has decreased. Nowadays many conflicts take place in this area/there,...

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