POUR LE SUJET: L'homme est-il réellement libre ?
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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
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Père Tanguy, Paris 1887 - Vincent Van Gogh

Pére Tanguy was the avuncular Paris art supplier and dealer who was a champion of unrecognized artists, often allowing them supplies in return for a painting. Most of his artist customers owed him money -a fact to which his wife was not always reconciled. He was widely liked and recognized by most of the young artists, and built...

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Plate with Onions, Arles 1889 - Vincent Van Gogh

Painted in Aries, this relatively conventional still life has some similarity to the sort of still life Cezanne was also working on at this period. Van Gogh had probably met Cezanne in Paris and in fact, of course, was not living all that far away from Cezanne's home in Provence. ...

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La TV a telle un rôle éducatif ?

|| ANGLAIS :   There is no denying that TV is omnipresent in all homes in most countries of the world. It is often asserted that TV has a conspicuous educational role. However, this point of view is not always shared by everyone. On the hand, it is well known fact that TV has conspicuous educational role: As a matter of fact, it...

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Analytic ethics

|| Moral philosophy has traditionally been divided into normative ethics and meta-ethics. Normative ethics concerns judgments about what is good and how we should act. Meta-ethics, with which ’analytic ethics’ is typically identified, seeks to understand such judgments. Are they factual statements capable of being literally true or false (cognitivism)? Or are they commands...

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Change in general may be defined as the variation of properties (whether of things or of regions of space) over time. But this definition is incomplete in a number of respects. The reference to properties and time raises two important questions. The first concerns whether we need to specify further the kinds of properties which are involved in change. If we...

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This text  is an extract from a contempory novel called Brooklyn, written by Colm Toibin and published in 2009. This book  won the Costa prize for the best english novel. Here the passage focuses on Eili’s current job, her future and her  possible emigration to America. Eili is the main character, there are other people present, Eili's mother, her sister...

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Convenience foods

Nowadays, while people don't usually spend much time on cooking, fast foods exist and become step by step very common. It control our life, replace traditional ones and also traditional methods of food preparation. In my opinion, I agree that convenience foods have many advantages but it can't totally replace a traditional meal. ...

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Sport, a unifying factor?

Sports have become a significant social activity by bringing people together. Sporting competitions have emerged as one of the major facts that have affected lifestyles since the early twentieth century. But can modern sporting competitions still claim to play a unifying role today?   As participant or as spectator, the world's most popular sporting events have gathered people ......

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Logigramme Processus Logistique

Logigramme du Processus Logistique Préparation du Materiel Needs Analyse des Cdes et évaluations des bsoins nets Réception des Commandes Clts X = Order Confirmation des Cdes (Qté) + date pick up (délai) aupres des Frns Analyse Materiel Needs et évaluation des bsoins nets Confirmation: Fact + B.L + L.C Passation des Cdes (Frns) Appro Préparation document de Trspt Coordination trspt + suivi prestataire Trspt Préparation et transfert...

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Mona Lisa - - art.

Mona Lisa - - art. Mona Lisa (1503-1506, Louvre, Paris), Leonardo da Vinci's world-famous portrait, was the artist's favorite painting; in fact, it went everywhere with him. Although there have been many theories about the origin of the inexplicable smile on the woman's face, it was probably just the result of Leonardo's interest in natural chiaroscuro (the effect of light and...

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Southeast Asia: Earth at Night - geography.

Southeast Asia: Earth at Night - geography. Southeast Asia at Night Southeast Asia is not among the world's most brightly lit regions at night, because its population is mostly rural--only about 12 percent of the region's people live in urban areas with more than 1 million residents--and because the region is relatively poor (see City Lights and Buying Power Map Treks)....

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Northern Eurasia - geography.

Northern Eurasia - geography. Northern Eurasia at Night Northern Eurasia, a vast and sparsely populated region, is mostly dark at night. Several bright spots do appear on the map, however, because of the region's mostly urban population (see City Lights Map Trek) and abundant oil and natural gas. The brightest lights, near the center of this map view, in fact emanate...

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Islands - geography.

Islands - geography. Greenland Although Greenland is usually considered the world's largest island, and Australia is usually considered a continent, there is no fundamental difference between them. Australia is larger than Greenland, but both are continental landmasses. That is, their rocks are typical of continents rather than of the ocean floor. In fact, Greenland was part of North America before forces wit......

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Plateaus - geography.

Plateaus - geography. Tibetan Plateau Plateaus are relatively level regions that stand higher than the land around them. Tibet's vast plateau has an average altitude of about 4,500 meters (14,800 feet). About 50 million years ago, India collided with the rest of Asia, forming the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas (see Mountains Map Trek). This collision compressed and thickened the Earth's crust;...

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Religions of Africa - geography.

Religions of Africa - geography. Religions of Africa Three religious forces have helped shape modern Africa. The oldest of these are Africa's indigenous religions. In fact, most of the hundreds of peoples of Africa have their own religious traditions. In some areas, these traditions still predominate. Elsewhere, two more recent arrivals, Christianity and Islam, claim larger followings. However, people who identify themselves...

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Places and forms of power (anglais - terminale)

    In my point of view, the notion places and forms of power invite us to thinking about the symbolic places of power. The term place defines a location, like a monument, an institution, a state or Internet, where there is a form of power. The power, it’s the fact to control and influence people, resources, information, or something...

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Les relations trophiques

Chapitre 01 : L'organisation trophique des écosystèmes Les relations trophiques sont les relations alimentaires existants au sein des écosystèmes. Rappel: la notion d'écosystème. Un écosystème est égal au biotope (fact abiotique)+ biocénose + interactions. Fact. Biotiques = Biocénose = Êtres-vivants Fact. Climatiques (P°, T, vitesse du vent..) Fact. Edaphiques (pH, chimie du sol, texture..) Facteurs abiotiques Les niveaux, les chaînes et les réseaux trophiques. Les chaines alimentaires débutent toujours par des...

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South africa

Webquest Classe: 1ere Unit 3: South Africa now and then Basic facts Location: Capital: Main cities: Population: Languages: Literacy rate: Official religion: Natural resources: Major industries: Flag: When was it created? ...

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Essay in english (beginning)

Today, social medias have impacted significantly society : they have revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize on the Web.  It is complicated to keep our life private.<br />  <br /> In fact, social medias encourages people to be more public about their private life.  Indeed, for an artist......

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