POUR LE SUJET: L'homme est-il réellement libre ?
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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
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Delos - Mythology.

Delos - Mythology. Greek The smallest of the Greek islands known as the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea. One legend says that Delos was a drifting island until Zeus anchored it so that Leto could comfortably give birth to their children, Artemis and Apollo. ...

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Deiphobus - Mythology.

Deiphobus - Mythology. Greek Son of Priam and Hecuba. He married Helen (or took her by force) after the death of Paris, his brother. Deiphobus died at the hands of Menelaus at the fall of Troy (see Trojan War), or, some say, Helen killed him. ...

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Deianira - Mythology.

Deianira - Mythology. Greek Daughter of Oeneus, king of Calydon, sister of Meleager. She became the second wife of the hero Heracles and unwittingly caused his death. Deianira killed herself in despair at what she had done to Heracles. ...

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Cyrene - Mythology.

Cyrene - Mythology. Greek Thessalian Nymph, carried off by the god Apollo to the country that came to be called Cyrenaica. There she bore Apollo a son, Aristaeus. 40 Cyclopes (2) ...

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Corybantes - Mythology.

Corybantes - Mythology. Greek The worshipers of Cybele who celebrated their goddess with wild dances and loud music. They were identified with the Galli and later with the Cretan Curetes ...

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Chaos - Mythology.

Chaos - Mythology. Greek The empty, unfathomable space at the beginning of time. Gaia, the original Earth Mother, sprang from Chaos, as did Nyx (Night) and Erebus (Darkness). Eventually chaos came to mean a great confusion of matter out of which a supreme being created all life. ...

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Hell en - Mythology.

Hell en - Mythology. Greek The son of Deucalion and Pyrrha, survivors of the Flood. He was the father of Aeolus, Dorus, and Xuthus and through them the patriarch of all the Hellenes, who were also known as Greeks. ...

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Golden Bough - Mythology.

Golden Bough - Mythology. Roman The Sybil of Cumae sent the hero Aeneas to obtain the Golden Bough, which would give him safe passage to the Underworld. The Golden Bough is thought to be the mistletoe, a plant that appears in many mythologies. ...

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Hesperia - Mythology.

Hesperia - Mythology. Greek A dryad, or wood Nymph; one of the sisters known as the Hesperides; either the daughters of Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night) or the daughters of Atlas and Pleione or Hesperis. Her sisters, those named by people writing during the classic age of Greek mythology, were Aegle (2), Arethusa, and Erytheia. ...

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Gall i - Mythology.

Gall i - Mythology. Greek Priests of the goddess Cybele. They celebrated her with wild dances, loud music, and the clashing of shields and swords. These priests were akin to the Corybantes, who also worshipped Cybele, and were later identified with the Curetes of Crete. ...

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Erinyes - Mythology.

Erinyes - Mythology. Greek The three avengers of wrong, generally known by their Roman name, the Furies. They were also called Eumenides (Good-Tempered Ones) by the wise and tactful Greeks, who feared their wrath. ...

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Epirus - Mythology.

Epirus - Mythology. Greek An ancient country of Greece on the Ionian Sea, west of Macedonia and Thessaly. Epirus was the home of the Oracle at Dodona and refuge of the Centaurs when they were expelled from their native Thessaly. ...

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Epidaurus - Mythology.

Epidaurus - Mythology. Greek A city in southern Greece (northeastern Peloponnesus) celebrated in ancient times as the sanctuary of Asclepius, god of medicine and healing. Epidaurus is also famous for its magnificent theater, dating from the fourth century b.c. ...

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Ephesus - Mythology.

Ephesus - Mythology. Greek An ancient Greek city of Asia Minor (today, Turkey, south of Izmir). Once a wealthy seaport, Ephesus was the site of a temple to the goddess Artemis (Roman Diana); the temple was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. ...

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Tiryns - Mythology.

Tiryns - Mythology. Greek A town in the Argos region of the northern Peloponnesus. Proetus, brother of Acrisius, founded the city and built massive walls with the help of the Cyclopes. ...

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Thebes - Mythology.

Thebes - Mythology. Greek A city of ancient Greece, in Boeotia, reputedly founded by Cadmus. Thebes was also associated with other Greek myths, such as those of Oedipus, the Seven Against Thebes, and the Epigoni. ...

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Teucer - Mythology.

Teucer - Mythology. Greek The son of Telamon and Hesione; half-brother of the great Ajax (1). He was the best archer among the Greeks and played an important part in the Trojan War, fighting alongside Ajax. Teucer founded the town of Salamis in Cyprus. ...

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Tethys - Mythology.

Tethys - Mythology. Greek The daughter of two Titans, Uranus and Gaia; sister-wife of Oceanus. With him she bore the Oceanids (sea Nymphs). She was also the mother of Styx, and, some say, the mentor of the goddess Hera. ...

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