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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
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Greek A mountain in the north of Thessaly, connected with Mount Ossa on the northwest. In Greek mythology, the giant brothers Ephialtes and Otus, known as the Aloeids, "piled Pelion upon Ossa" in an attempt to reach the heavens (Olympus). The phrase has come to mean adding difficulty upon difficulty. Mount Pelion was the home of Chiron, the gentle Centaur....

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Greek Son of Tyro, a half brother of Aeson, from whom Pelias stole the throne of Iolcus, in Thessaly. When his nephew, Jason, son of Aeson, reached manhood and demanded his share of the kingdom, Pelias sent him on what was thought to be a hopeless quest—to find and bring back the Golden Fleece. Jason returned, triumphant, bringing with him Medea, the sorceress-queen. Meanwhile,...

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Greek Son of King Aecus; brother of Telamon; husband of Thetis; father, with Thetis, of the hero Achilles. Peleus and Telamon murdered their younger halfbrother, Phocus, the king's favorite. Peleus fled from the kingdom of Aegina to Phthia. There, he accidentally killed the king's son in the Calydonian Boar Hunt and had to flee once again. He came to Iolcus in Thessaly, but bad luck...

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Greek The famous winged horse of Greek mythology. He was born from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa, when the hero Perseus cut off her head. Pegasus carried Perseus to the rescue of Andromeda. He carried Bellerophon to the triumphant fight with the monster Chimera. When Bellerophon decided to ride his magical steed up to the home of the gods, Olympus, the god Zeus sent...

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Pax (Peace)

Roman The divinity who represented peace. Her feast day was January 3. While Pax was often called upon during civil wars, historical evidence suggests that people worshiped her far more after Augustus became the first emperor of Rome in 27 b.c. He built a temple to Pax in 13 b.c. on the Campus Martius, a large, flat open space between the Capitoline and Quirinal hills...

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Greek The close friend of the hero Achilles. When Achilles withdrew from the Trojan War, Patroclus assumed command of the Myrmidons, the troops of Achilles. Hector killed Patroclus in battle. Determined to avenge the death of his friend, Achilles went back into the war, killed Hector, and dragged his body around the tomb of Patroclus....

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Greek Daughter of Helios (the Sun); wife of Minos, king of Crete; mother with Minos of Ariadne, Androgeus, and Phaedra. From her strange union with a bull, Pasiphaë brought forth the Minotaur, a monster that was half human half bull....

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Greek A mountain in south-central Greece, a few miles north of the Gulf of Corinth which separates mainland Greece from the Peloponnesus. At the foot of the mountain stands Delphi, the shrine sacred to Apollo, whose seer, the Python, was renowned throughout the ancient world. Mount Parnassus was sacred to Apollo, Dionysus, and the nine muses. Bacchanalian rites took place in its caves and gorges,...

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Greek Son of Priam, the king of Troy, and of Hecuba. Before he was born, soothsayers prophesied that Paris would cause death and destruction. Accordingly, his parents placed him upon a mountainside (Mount Ida [2]) and left the infant to die. Shepherds rescued and raised Paris. He fell in love with Oenone but was later to abandon the nymph in favor of Helen. He...

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Roman The origins of the Parcae in Roman mythology are unclear. By the time the influence of Greek mythology on Rome's religions reached its strongest, the Parcae had become the equivalent of the Greek Fates, three women who watched over a person's destiny. Their Roman names at this time were Nona, Decuma, and Morta. One presided over birth, one over marriage, and one over death....

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(All-giving) Greek The first woman to appear on Earth, according to Greek mythology. The gods created her and sent her down to release upon the world all the misfortunes that could occur. At the command of the great god Zeus, the smith-god Hephaestus crafted her out of clay and the other gods and goddesses breathed into her surpassing beauty, charm, graciousness, and cunning. They also...

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(Panaceia; All-healing) Greek A daughter of the god of medicine, Asclepius. Panacea symbolizes universal healing, particularly through the power of herbs. A temple to her stood at Oropus, in the region of Oropia, north of Attica. Panacea's sisters were Hygiea and Iaso, and her brothers, both doctors, were Machaon and Podalirius....

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Greek An ancient deity from the mountainous region of Arcadia, in Greece. Pan was a deity of herds and flocks, fertility, forests, and wildlife. He is usually depicted as half man, half goat. The Romans called him Faunus. Pan was a notable musician, playing the syrinx (panpipes, or Pipes of Pan), a seven-reed flute still played by Arcadian shepherds. In one myth, Pan challenged the...

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Pallas (Warrior)

Greek A second generation Titan; considered by some to be the god of warfare and of the springtime battle season. Pallas was the son of Crius and Eurybia and the brother of Astraeus and Perses; He married Styx, a daughter of Oceanus; and with her had four children, Zelus, Nike, Cratus, and Bia, whose names meant, respectively, zeal, victory, strength, and force, all terms of...

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Greek The sacred statue of Pallas Athene that was said to have fallen from heaven. It stood in the temple of Athene in Troy. According to legend, Zeus sent the statue to Dardanus, the founder of Troy. Trojans believed that the preservation of the city depended on possession of the Palladium. During the Trojan War, two Greeks, Diomedes (1) and Odysseus, stole it, and...

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Roman An ancient spirit of agriculture and of flocks and herds. Pales is sometimes referred to as a god, sometimes as a goddess. Belief in this spirit existed in central Italy even before 752 b.c., when Romulus is said to have founded the city of Rome. The festival of Parilia on April 21 honors Pales. This celebration by shepherds exists in the oldest...

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Greek Son of Nauplius, a king of Euboea, and his wife Clymene, a granddaughter of King Minos of Crete. One of the Greek heroes who fought against Troy in the Trojan War. When Odysseus feigned idiocy, in his attempt to avoid joining the Greek army on its way to Troy, Palamedes put Telemachus, son of Odysseus, in the path of his father's plow. Odysseus...

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LE MOINEAU - Jules Renard, Histoires naturelles

Assis sous les noisetiers du jardin, j'écoute les bruits que fait par ses feuilles, ses insectes et ses oiseaux, tout arbre qui ne se méfie pas. Silencieux, inanimé à notre approche, il se remet à vivre dès qu'il ne nous croit plus là, parce que nous nous taisons comme lui. Après la visite d'un chardonneret, qui voltige dans les noisetiers,...

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VERLAINE : L'Angoisse (Poèmes saturniens / melancholia VIII)

Vous ferez de ce texte un commentaire composé. Vous pourrez par exemple étudier les divers aspects de l'angoisse du poète, en appréciant le ton et les formes poétiques à travers lesquels elle s'exprime. Mais ces indications ne sont pas contraignantes, et vous avez toute latitude pour organiser votre commentaire à votre gré. Vous vous abstiendrez seulement de présenter...

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LE MATIN DU MONDE - Jules Supervielle

Alentour naissaient mille bruits Mais si pleins encor de silence Que l'oreille croyait ouïr Le chant de sa propre innocence. Tout vivait en se regardant, Miroir était le voisinage, Où chaque chose allait rêvant A l'éclosion de son âge. Les palmiers trouvant une forme Où balancer leur plaisir pur Appelaient de loin les oiseaux Pour leur montrer leurs dentelures. Un cheval blanc découvrait...

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Le Clézio - Désert - Le passage d'une caravane

Ils étaient les hommes et les femmes du sable, du vent, de la lumière, de la nuit. Ils étaient apparus, comme dans un rêve, en haut d'une dune, comme dureté de l'espace. Ils portaient avec eux la faim, la soif qui fait saigner les lèvres, le silence dur où luit le soleil, les nuits froides, la lueur de...

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Evadné par René Char

Vous ferez de ce texte un commentaire composé de façon à mettre en lumière sa richesse poétique. Vous pourrez, par exemple, montrer comment la puissance suggestive des mots et des images traduit à la fois l'éblouissement amoureux et la splendeur native du monde. Vous vous abstiendrez seulement de présenter un commentaire linéaire et de dissocier artificiellement le fond...

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René-Guy CADOU : Hélène ou le règne végétal : Chambre de la douleur

La mémoire, les souvenirs prennent une grande importance dans l'univers de René-Guy Cadou. Chambre de la douleur fut écrit d'après ce que nous dit le texte (v. 5) quatre ans après la mort du père du poète, survenue en 1940, après une longue maladie. La figure de ce père revient d'ailleurs souvent dans le recueil Hélène ou le...

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PARIS A CINQ HEURES DU SOIR - Jules Romains, les Hommes de bonne volonté, Le Six Octobre.

Dans les vingt-sept volumes des Hommes de bonne volonté, Jules Romains (1885-1972) fait revivre la société française de 1908 à la veille du second conflit mondial. Voici, extraite du premier terme, la présentation de Paris, le soir du 6 octobre 1908. Dans le centre, les amples mouvements du soir, les longues montées vers le Nord et vers l'Est, pareilles...

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Beau, Beauté - Dictionnaire philosophique de Voltaire (Commentaire)

Note : 5.1/10

Demandez à un crapaud ce que c'est que la beauté, le grand beau, le to kalon. Il vous répondra que c'est sa crapaude avec deux gros yeux ronds sortant de sa petite tête, une gueule large et plate, un ventre jaune, un dos brun. Interrogez un nègre de Guinée ; le beau est pour lui une peau noire,...

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