POUR LE SUJET: L'homme est-il réellement libre ?
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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
TAPEZ LES MOTS-CLES: homme nature ou homme nature société
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  PLAN : - Qu'est ce que l'euthanasie ? 1- L'euthanasie comme pratique et concept 2- L'euthanasie dans le monde a- Pays ou l'euthanasie est autorisé ou n'est pas autorisée b- La place de la France par rapports aux autres pays c- Les autres pays 3- L'euthanasie animale a- Définition b- Aspect légale 4- Pour ou contre l'Euthanasie ? a- Pour la dépénalisation b- Contre la dépénalisation 5- Les sanctions encourues Conclusion...

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Les femmes dans Bel Ami

||Introduction: Les femmes sont très présentes et jouent un rôle capital dans Bel Ami. En effet, afin de réussir son ascension, George Duroy va utiliser et manipuler les femmes en exploitant ses capacités de séducteur, comme l'avait prédit Mr Forestier au début du roman: " dis donc mon vieux, sais-tu que tu as vraiment du succès auprès des femmes ? il faut...

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La Commune de Paris : de la modération à la radicalisation

||En vertu de la loi du 21 mai, la ville de Paris est découpée en quarante-huit divisions territoriales et administratives, les sections, qui remplacent les soixante districts mis en place pour les élections aux états généraux. Chacune de ces sections délègue trois de ses membres auprès de la municipalité. Parmi les cent quarante-quatre représentants des sections, quarante-huit sont choisis pour composer le « corps municipal «. Seize d'entre eux constituent le «bureau municipal«, que...

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TALus AcheLous

 (TalOs) In Greek The ythology,nephew and appren-tice of the great inventor DAEDALUS. Talus, who is said to have invented the saw and also the compass, incurred the jealousy of Daedalus, who murdered him. Some stories say that Daedalus threw the boy from the top of the Acropolis and that the gods changed Talus into a partridge (“perdix”). Perdix...

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SAbines AcheLou

 (SaBini) In Geek Roan mytology One of the oldest peoples of central Italy. In a famous Roman legend, the new Roman settlers, subjects of RoMuI,us, needed wives, so they abducted the Sabine women. War   Italian Renaissance sculptor Giambologna (1529­1608) portrayed Roman men carrying off a Sabine woman in this statue, which now stands in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Yair-haklai....

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 In Greek Grk Son of mythology, Nauplius, a king of Euboea, and his wife CLYMENE, a granddaughter of King MINOS of CRETE. One of the Greek heroes who fought against TROY in the TROJAN WAR. When ODYSSEUS feigned idiocy, in his attempt to avoid joining the Greek army on its way to Troy, Palamedes put TELEMACHUS, son of...

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Minos and Scylla

Wishing to hide the Minotaur from the eyes of the world, Minos asked the renowned inventor, DAEDALUS, to construct a prison that no one could penetrate. The ingenious Daedalus designed the LABYRINTH, a tortu-ous maze. Once inside the labyrinth, no one could find a way out. Only Daedalus knew how to escape. Minos made war on ATHENS, where his...

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 In Greek Grk The word mythology, labyrinth means any intricate building full of chambers and passages, or a maze of paths bordered by high hedges. In Greek mythology, the labyrinth designed by DAEDALUS for King MINOS to house the MINOTAUR may have been patterned on the design of the palace itself, which had a complex of rooms. LAconiA Greek...

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 Greek The winged messenger of the Greek gods; son of ZEUS and MAIA (1). Hermes is also associated with fertility, and is god of flocks, roads, trading, and thieves. Hermes was the inventor of the lyre and the guide of souls on the way to HADES. He was the father of many, including AUTOLYCUS, DAPH-NIS, and HERMAPHRODITUS....

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 Greek I od Greek of the mythology,UNDERwORLD, associated in Roman mythology with PLUTO, ORCUS, and DIS. Hades was the son of CRONUS and RHEA, and like his sisters, DEMETER, HERA, and HESTIA, and his brother POSEIDON, was swallowed by Cronus. His brother ZEUS escaped and eventually rescued his brothers and sisters from Cronus. After the defeat of Cronus, Zeus,...

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 (Gaea, n Ge; Grek earTh) mytology, Greek The personi-fication of the EARTH MOTHER in Greek mythology; known to the Romans as TELLUS. She was born out of CHAOS at the beginning of time and in turn bore URANUS, the starlit sky. Gaia was the mother of the seas, the mountains and valleys, and all the other natural features of...

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 Greek A monster-child of Gaia and Tartarus or, in some tellings, of Ceto and Phorcys. Echidna was half human and half serpent. She once lived in a cave where she ate the flesh of men. With Typhon, another monster, she had a brood of fright‑   ful children. In one story, the hundred-eyed ARGUS killed her while she slept. Among...

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 (Cunningly Wrought) Greek A leg-endary Athenian, descendant of the god HEPHAEsTus, who was known as “the divine artificer.” Daedalus was a great craftsman, architect, sculptor, and inventor. His nephew, TALus, was also a gifted craftsman and became the apprentice of Daedalus. When the boy invented the saw, Daedalus became jealous, murdered his nephew, and fled from ATHENs to...

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CRATUS (CRATOs; KRATOs; Strength) Greek The personification of strength; a demigod or lesser god; son of the TITAN PALLAS and the water NYMPH STYx; brother of NIIE (Victory), BIA (Force), and ZELUS (Zeal). Cratus and his siblings, winged creatures who moved very quickly, served as guards and attendants to ZEUS. Their mother had sided with the great god in...

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 (Horn of Plenty) Greek The horn of the goat-NYMPH, AMALTHEA, who had tended the infant ZEUS. The horn was as large and full as that of a COw’s, and would remain forever filled with food and drink for its owners. Zeus gave the horn to the ash nymphs, ADRASTIA and IDA (1), who, along with Amalthea, had tended...

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|| Greek A city in the northeast PELO-PONNESUS, strategically situated on the isthmus con-necting Peloponnesus with central GREECE. Corinth was one of the largest and most powerful cities of ancient Greece, a rival of ATHENS and traditionally allied with SPARTA. Corinth traded with east and west and established numerous colonies.||...

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||  (The Storer) Roman An ancient but little-known Roman god of storage who protected the harvest once it was placed in silos, which were underground chambers in ancient ROME; an important god during the early agricultural days of Central Italy. The cult that worshiped Consus faded from importance as Rome became a major city and empire. Consus was also known...

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|| Roman The goddess who personi-fied concord, or harmony, particularly between citizens and the state or government. The oldest temple to her was built in 367 s.C. at the foot of the Capitoline Hill, and represented an agreement between the com-moners and the members of the ruling families. The Roman Senate often met in Concordia’s temple. She is pictured...

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|| Roman A god of joy and mirth, of feast-ing and revelry. Comus was often represented as a young man with wings, who was rather sleepy, perhaps drunk, after a large meal. Romans associated him with DIONYSUS, the Greek god of fertility, wine, and pleasure. Comus loved wine, dance, and song.||...

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|| Greek A first-generation TITAN; son of URANUS and GAIA; father, with his sister PHOESE, of ASTERIA and LETO, who would become the mother of APOLLO and ARTEMIS (1). While best known in his role as a parent, Coeus was considered the god of intelligence and thinking. He was also the pillar of heaven around which the constellations evolved and,...

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|| Greek Daughter of Tyndareus, king of SPARTA, and of LEDA, sister of HELEN and CASTOR AND POLLUX. Clytemnestra was the mother of Chrysothemis, IPHIGENIA, ELECTRA, and ORESTES. Clytemnestra married AGAMEMNON, king of ARGOS and MYCENAE, of the accursed house of PELOPS. When Agamemnon went to the TROJAN WAR as commander of the Greek forces, Clytemnestra became the lover of...

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|| Greek An OCEANID, or ocean NYMPH; one of the eldest daughters of the TITANS OCEANUS and TETHYS, and, as such, considered a second-generation Titan; married IAPETUS and with him was the mother of still more Titans: ATLAS, PROMETHEUS, EPIMETHEUS, and MENOETIUS. Clymene was also considered by some sources to be the mother of PHAETON and his weeping sisters, the...

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 Roman A heroine of early ROME. Her story is told by many historians and poets, though some of the details vary. Cloelia was a Roman citizen taken hostage with a group of others by Lars Porsenna, the legendary leader of the people of ETRURIA who laid siege to Rome in 509 B.C. One day, Cloelia gathered a group of...

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|| Roman A specialized goddess who presided over and protected the sewers of ROME. As Rome became the home to more people, they needed to move more and more significant amounts of waste out of the city. They invoked Cloacina and her power to help them build and maintain the great sewer system to clean the city. The greatest...

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|| Roman A heroine of con-siderable fame. As the poet OVID told her story, Clau­dia had a bad reputation among the citizens of ROME for wearing too much makeup and fancy hairdos. People spread rumors that she was not a virgin. She was a follower of CYBELE, a Greek goddess of fertility. When the citizens of Rome decided to...

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