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POUR LE SUJET: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature ?
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Rio de Janeiro (city) - geography.

Rio de Janeiro (city) - geography. I INTRODUCTION Rio de Janeiro (city), city in southeastern Brazil, on the Atlantic Ocean, and the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Its name is Portuguese for "river of January." This refers to its location near the entrance to Guanabara Bay, which appeared to be a large river estuary to early 16th-century explorers, and...

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Paris (city, France) - geography.

Paris (city, France) - geography. I INTRODUCTION Paris (city, France), city in north central France, the capital and largest city of the country. It is located in France's Île-de-France region, on the Seine River, 370 km (230 mi) upstream from the river's outlet on the English Channel. Paris is world-famous for its beauty and charm, and for its long history as a center...

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New York (city) - geography.

New York (city) - geography. I INTRODUCTION New York (city), the largest city in the United States, the home of the United Nations, and the center of global finance, communications, and business. New York City is unusual among cities because of its high residential density, its extraordinarily diverse population, its hundreds of tall office and apartment buildings, its thriving central business district, its...

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Mumbai - geography.

Mumbai - geography. I INTRODUCTION Mumbai or Bombay (city), city in western India, capital of Mah?r?shtra State and premier port of India, located on the Arabian Sea. Mumbai proper occupies a low-lying area that once consisted of seven islands separated from each other only during high tide. Dredging and reclamation projects, as well as the construction of breakwaters and causeways, have linked the...

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Moscow (city, Russia) - geography.

Moscow (city, Russia) - geography. I INTRODUCTION Moscow (city, Russia) (Russian Moskva), capital and largest city of Russia, capital of Moscow Oblast, and the country's leading political, cultural, economic, and transportation center. Moscow lies on the Moscow River in the west central European part of Russia. The Russian rulers, or tsars, made Moscow their base of command until 1712, when the capital was...

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Montréal - geography.

Montréal - geography. I INTRODUCTION Montréal, city in Île-de-Montréal County, southern Québec province, Canada. The second largest city in Canada, Montréal is one of Canada's leading commercial, industrial, and service centers. It is also a center of Canadian intellectual and cultural life and the chief cultural center of the French part of Canada. Most of the residents are of French descent and speak...

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Mexico City - geography.

Mexico City - geography. I INTRODUCTION Mexico City, capital of Mexico and the center of the nation's political, cultural, and economic life. Its population of 18.7 million (2003 estimate) makes Mexico City one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. It is also the seat of Mexico's powerful, centralized federal government. Much of the political decision-making for the nation takes place in...

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Mecca - geography.

Mecca - geography. Mecca, also Makkah (ancient Macoraba), city in western Saudi Arabia, located in the Al ?ij?z (Hejaz) region, near Jiddah. Mecca is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad (the founder of Islam), the center of pilgrimage for Muslims, and the focal point of their daily prayers. In Arabic, the city is known as Makkah al-mukkaramah ("Mecca the blessed"). Pilgrimage...

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Manila - geography.

Manila - geography. I INTRODUCTION Manila, capital, largest city, and chief seaport of the Philippines. The city is located on central Luzon Island, on the eastern shore of Manila Bay, at the mouth of the Pasig River, just west of Quezon City. It is the commercial, administrative, and cultural center of the Philippines. The Manila metropolitan area, or Metro Manila, officially called the...

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Madrid - geography.

Madrid - geography. I INTRODUCTION Madrid, Spain Madrid, the largest city in Spain, is the country's capital as well as a financial center and a growing metropolis. The incorporation of industrial suburbs into the city's limits has increased Madrid's manufacturing base; it now competes with Barcelona for the status of Spain's main industrial center. Nigel Francis/Corbis - geography. Madrid, capital and largest city of Spain. It...

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Los Angeles - geography.

Los Angeles - geography. I INTRODUCTION Los Angeles, California The Los Angeles metropolitan area acts as a center for the motion picture, radio and television broadcasting, and music recording industries. Many large corporations and financial institutions also use Los Angeles as their headquarters. Bill Varie/Corbis - geography. Los Angeles, city in southern California, the most populous city in the state and the second most populous...

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London (England) - geography.

London (England) - geography. I INTRODUCTION London (England), city, capital of the United Kingdom. London is situated in southeastern England along the Thames River. With a population of about 7 million, this vast metropolis is by far the largest city in Europe, a distinction it has maintained since the 17th century. In the 19th century it was the largest and most influential...

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Lima (Peru) - geography.

Lima (Peru) - geography. I INTRODUCTION Plaza San Martín, Lima Lima is the largest city and the capital of Peru. It is a busy, cosmopolitan city and a center for manufacturing, commerce, and culture. Plaza San Martín is located in downtown Lima. Robert Fried/D. Donne Bryant Stock - geography. Lima (Peru), city in west central Peru, capital and largest city of the country, located on...

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Lagos (Nigeria) - geography.

Lagos (Nigeria) - geography. I INTRODUCTION Lagos (Nigeria), city in southwestern Nigeria, in Lagos State, located on the Bight of Benin (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean). Lagos is Nigeria's largest city, chief port, and principal economic and cultural center. It served as Nigeria's capital until 1991, when the seat of federal government was moved to Abuja, in central Nigeria. II DESCRIPTION The Lagos metropolitan...

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Kolkata - geography.

Kolkata - geography. I INTRODUCTION Kolkata, India The city of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) and its surroundings rank as the second most populated metropolitan area in India and one of the most crowded cities in the world. Located in eastern India, Kolkata serves as a major center for finance, shipping, and manufacturing. Air India - geography. Kolkata or Calcutta, city in eastern India and capital of West...

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Jerusalem - geography.

Jerusalem - geography. I INTRODUCTION View of Jerusalem The walls of Jerusalem's Old City, seen here, were originally built by the Ottomans in the 16th century. Within the walls are Armenian, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim sections. Israel Ministry of Tourism - geography. Jerusalem (Hebrew Yerushalayim; Arabic Al Quds), city lying at the intersection of Israel and the West Bank, located between the Mediterranean Sea and...

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Jakarta - geography.

Jakarta - geography. I INTRODUCTION Jakarta, also Djakarta, formerly Batavia, capital and largest city of the Republic of Indonesia, centrally located within the country on the northwest coast of Java Island at the mouth of the Liwung River. Batavia, as the city was called by the Dutch, was the capital of the Netherlands Indies for most of the 17th through early 20th...

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?stanbul - geography.

?stanbul - geography. I INTRODUCTION Hagia Sophia in ? stanbul Hagia Sophia (Church of the Holy Wisdom) was commissioned by Byzantine Emperor Justinian I for his capital Constantinople (now ?stanbul, Turkey) and designed by the architects Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles. Completed in ad 537, it represents the most influential example of early Byzantine architecture. After the conquest of Constantinople by the...

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Hong Kong - geography.

Hong Kong - geography. I INTRODUCTION Hong Kong, administrative region of China, consisting of a mainland portion located on the country's southeastern coast and about 235 islands. Hong Kong is bordered on the north by Guangdong Province and on the east, west, and south by the South China Sea. Hong Kong was a British dependency from the 1840s until July 1, 1997,...

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Dublin (city, Ireland) - geography.

Dublin (city, Ireland) - geography. I INTRODUCTION Dublin City Center O'Connell Street, on the north bank of the River Liffey, is one of the main thoroughfares of Dublin, the capital of Ireland. The statue is that of the Irish statesman Charles Stewart Parnell. Richard Gorbun/Leo de Wys, Inc. - geography. Dublin (city, Ireland) (Gaelic Baile Átha Cliath, "Town of the Ford of the Hurdles"), capital,...

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Chicago (city, Illinois) - geography.

Chicago (city, Illinois) - geography. I INTRODUCTION Downtown Chicago Flowing westward from Lake Michigan, the Chicago River winds through downtown Chicago. Skyscrapers rise along its banks. © Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. - geography. Chicago (city, Illinois), city and seat of Cook County, located in northeastern Illinois, on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, at the mouth of the Chicago River. Chicago is the third...

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Cape Town - geography.

Cape Town - geography. I INTRODUCTION Cape Town (Afrikaans Kaapstad), city in southwestern South Africa, the legislative capital of the country and the capital of Western Cape province. Cape Town is one of three national capitals, along with Pretoria (the executive capital) and Bloemfontein (the judicial capital). It is situated at the northern end of the Cape Peninsula, about 50 km (about 30...

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Cairo (Egypt) - geography.

Cairo (Egypt) - geography. I INTRODUCTION Cairo (Egypt) (Arabic Al Q?hira, meaning "the Victorious"), capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa. Located on both banks of the Nile River near the head of the river's delta in northern Egypt, the site has been settled for more than 6,000 years and has served as the capital of numerous Egyptian civilizations. Cairo...

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Buenos Aires (city) - geography.

Buenos Aires (city) - geography. I INTRODUCTION Downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and its largest city. The Plaza de Mayo, seen here, is at the heart of the downtown area. The city began here in the 16th century and grew in ever-widening circles. Daniel I. Komer/D. Donne Bryant Stock Buenos Aires (city), capital and largest city of Argentina, located...

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Berlin - geography.

Berlin - geography. I INTRODUCTION Berlin, capital and largest city of the Federal Republic of Germany. Administratively, Berlin also constitutes one of Germany's 16 states. Berlin became the capital of Germany in 1871, when the numerous independent kingdoms and principalities of Germany united to form a single nation-state (see German Unification (1871)). The city quickly developed into one of Europe's major industrial and...

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