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Ben Haggerty

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?Ben Haggerty Is an American rapper who was born in 1983 known under the pseudonym Macklemore. Passionate about music since he was a child, he wrote his first songs at the age of 14. teenager he was influenced by the New York rap bands. He began his musical career in 2000, he unveiled his first EP \"Open Your Eyes\" under the name « Professor Macklemore ». His first album \"The Language of My World\", was released in 2005 and is very popular among rap fans. Ryan Lewis is a famous American producer, rapper and DJ. He took his first steps in the music world like a professional photographer. His career took a real turning when he met Mac...

« He also says that fundamental rights are for everyone and that everyone should be free and equal, but how can there be freedom if men are not equal? to finish it defines a kind of ideal world where the gays could marry freely, where people will stop committing suicide because they are fed up with the insults and beatings of which they are the victims. a world where anyone will have the right to worship the god he wants and that people finally accept the differences of each one because in fact we are all the same. in this world we will finally be able to say I am free because everyone will be equal. »


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