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Publié le 19/05/2023

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« LONDON Sur le planisphère Colorie la France en vert sur la carte. Puis colorie le Royaume Uni en rouge. Sur la carte des Iles Britanniques Entoure les pays appartenant au Royaume-Uni Colorie l’Angleterre en rouge. Et écris LONDON au bon endroit. London is the capital of England, of the United Kingdom (and of the Commonwealth) 1. MUSEUMS Madame Tussaud’s is  the name of the Queen’s maid. the King’s wife.  a wax museum.  the name of Do you know a French museum that exhibits wax statues? Musée Grévin What are the names of the galleries in the museum? There are 8 different zones: Music, Awards Party, Royals, Marvel, Star Wars, Culture, Sport and Film. Give the name of famous people who have their statues there? Queen Elizabeth II, Ariana Grande, Teylor Swift, Drake, Zendaya, Black Panther, Spiderman. Vocabulary : wax = cire ; exhibit = exposer The Sherlock Holmes Museum It is the real home of Sherlock Holmes  true  false. Its address is 221b Baker St, London NW1 6XE, UK Sherlock Holmes is not a real detective.

He was created by...  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  Emily Bronte  J.K.

Rowling The story says he lived in this house with his friend,  Dr Moriarty.  Dr Quinn.  Dr Watson. Name a famous Sherlock story A student in Scarlet British Museum How much costs a ticket to visit the museum? It’s free. Who founded the British museum in 1700? Sir Hans Sloane When did the Museum open? 1759 Queen Elizabeth II opened the Great Hall in 2000 (cf.

image on the left) What famous objects or piece of art can you see at the British Museum (give a couple of examples): Statues from ancient Egypt, Rosetta Stone, Under the Wave of Kanagawa Which photo features the British Museum ? □ □ □ Tate Modern The Tate modern exhibits famous artists such as: Andy Warhol Henri Matisse Salvator Dali Picasso It is near the Globe Theatre and you can go there using a famous bridge: Millenium Bridge Natural History Museum How much is a ticket? It’s free It was built between 1873 and 1880 to display an important collection of: skeletons, dried plants 2. LONDON ICONS Write the names of these famous London landmarks: London Bridge Westminster abbey Big Ben London eye Piccadilly Circus and the Statue of Eros ST.

Paul’s cathedral The London Eye is  a TV camera filming London  the name of the police in London  an observation wheel It is 135 metres high and has 32 cabins. It attracts over 3 million tourists a year. The London Eye is situated on the bank of the river Thames in London. What’s.... »


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