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Publié le 26/05/2023

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« EXPOSE SUR L’ETRANGE DESTIN DE WANGRIN DE L’AUTEUR HAMPATEBA AMADOU PLAN Introduction 1-Présentation de l’auteur et de l’œuvre A- L’auteur 1-la biographie 2-la bibliographie B- Résume et structure de l’œuvre 1-Résume 2-Structure de l’œuvre 2-Etude des thèmes principaux 1- La tradition 2- La colonisation 3- L’échec Conclusion PRESENTATION ON THE STRANGE DESTINY OF WANGRIN (AMADOU HAMPATE BA) PLAN Introduction I-Presentation of the author and the book A- Author 1-Biography 2-Bibliography B- Summary and structure of the book 1-Summary 2-Structure of the book II-Study of the main themes 1- The tradition 2- The colonisation 3- The failure Conclusion Introduction The strange destiny of wangrin is a literary production of writer’s Hampaté Ba of 381 pages which tells the career of the main character wangrin in the colonial circuit.

It is of remarkable style that Hampaté Ba tells us a funny story on the one hand and on the hand shocking.

The book is published in 1973.

Channeling itsel in the colonial period, this book shows all the trait of the ruse of a black man who wanted at all costs to make a fortune.

In fact, we are witnessing not only a story but a series of adventures.

Our study will then be directed in search of the comprehension of this book. I-PRESENTATION OF THE AUTHOR AND THE BOOK A- Author 1- The biographie Amadou Hampathé Ba was born in 1901 to Bandiagara, in Mali which was the capital of the kingdom.

He is the son of a descendant of a peul noble family from Maccina.

He first attended the kooranic school and it was in Bandiagara that he was requisitioned for the French school.

After his studies, his first post will be in Ouagadougou as a writer.

He was elected to the excecutive board of UNESCO in 1962.

This mandate will end in 1970.

He won the title of black African coastal Grand Prix in 1974 an 1991.

He passed away on March 15,1991 in Abidjan. 2- The bibliographie Hampate Ba has been the author of several books such as : ❖ The strange destiny of Wangrin ,1973. ❖ Aspect of African civilisation.

NEAS,1975 ❖ Annual accounts, stock 1994 ❖ Yes, my commander ,1999 B- Summary and structure of the book 1- Summary Wangrin is an African man born in the bush with his parents where his Mother had experienced great suffering when he came into the world.

Benefiting from the settler’s decision on « hostage school », Wangrin learned to read, write, count and speak correctly in French.

This advantage allowed him to acquire a significant value among white administrators.

This was the beginning of his rising success.

He was then appointed as an interpeter of the colonial administrator, commending of circle.

This gave him a superiority towards his fellows.

Endowed with intelligent technique and cunning.

He swore by all the techniques that he would be enriched.

He manages to satisfy his desire, to escape all possible outcomes, situations.

Even the conflict between him and COMTE DE VILLERMOZ had left him unharmed.

He glorified hiimself until the days he gave himself as Romo enemy, who was also an interpreter.

Wangrin wanted to inherit his place to get rich.

To do so, he used his ruse to make him leave.

Since then, war was declared between them.

Roma vowed to do anything to get him either to put him in jail or to kill him.

As for wangrin, he swore to make him regret his birth and every time he tricked him, he got away with it.

Exploiting the colonial administrators, COMTE DE VILLERMOZ also became his spitting enemy.

Becoming rich, Wangrin would never have thought that he could experience misery.

He went bankrupt but never asked anyone anything, but one evening, during a meeting beween wangrin and his relatives, he was exposed to a.... »


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