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Presentation making the case against Castes

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MAKING THE CASE AGAINST CASTE The text I'm going to present you is a press article which headline is MAKING THE CASE AGAINST CASTE, written by Liz Stuart and published in a British magazine called The Guardian Weekly on January, 10th 2002. It deals with discrimination against Dalits in India., and more precisely, we have a testimony from a Dalit called Macwan who gives us examples of discrimination and problems they are faced with and who tries to make the situation change. My presentation will include three parts. First of all, I will introduce the caste system in India and explain what a Dalit is, in my second part, I will list ...

« violence, murder etc so Macwan once intended to give up but he realized that people around him needed him to fight l. 36/37. To conclude, in this article the journalist aims at denouncing what he calls an Apartheid as few people are aware of this problem. According to me, the caste system is unfair and irrelevant (n’a pas lieu d’être). It should be banned because it’s a kind of racism and also because it is against human rights. Everyone is supposed to be equal. »


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