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Carrefour Russe

Publié le 24/03/2015

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How would you explain Carrefour's lack of success in Russia? Discuss in terms of whether it was driven by a lack of opportunity or an increase in risk compared to what Carrefour expected, or both. How would you have improved their pre-entry analysis? To even implement its inauguration in Russia, Carrefour must have had some measurements/predictions on that strategy. However, when Carrefour actually got to Russia, there must have been some major unforeseen risk factors that inhibited from staying there for more than a quarter. Based off the eastern European crisis that is happening today, we can begin with the political-legal aspect of Russia: it is known for its corruption and red tape. If corruption is happening in the realm of country leadership, corruption is definitely likely to exist in regional and local levels, hindering any business development, especially from foreigners. Today, Russia is volatile towards Western attitudes- including the ideas of capitalism and imperialism. For a better pre-entry analysis, the book suggests looking at the history and future projections of political leaders/influencers- their opinions, the likelihood of gaining political office, the people those leaders/influencers associate themselves with and those peoples' opinion of foreign policy or certain foreign countries, etc. However, the point of political volatility may only be a contributing factor to Carrefour's divestment in Russia. The Carrefour has placed neighboring countries (Belgium, Italy, and Spain) in a higher priority than much larger countries such as Brazil and China. What are the pros and cons of expanding in this sequence? There are many pros for Carrefour to expand in the geographic sequence that is has. By beginning with countries that are geographically close. Evaluate the reasons for following a geographic concentration versus diversification strategy as they apply to large retailers such as Carrefour. Large retailers like Carrefour has many

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