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dissertation anglais robert desnos

Publié le 02/05/2018

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Robert Desnos is a French poet born in 1900 and killed by typhus in a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, on June 8th 1945. Robert Desnos is famous for his kid poetry but his adult poems are still to us, part of the most beautiful French poems. -very short, 12lines of verse, it’s blank verse -a women that the speaker is missing, we don’t know if it’s his ex girlfriend, his secret lover, or a women that doesn’t existunrequited love -the two feelings in the poem are loneliness and sadness -romantic topics: love problem, love declaration, very soft feelings until the punch line -surrealism: “to sleep into your shadow”-> technically impossible -chiasm : “do not open the window”/”shut your eyes”—“shut them with my lips”/”the window open” -semantic field of senses: lips -> taste, eyes-> view, the breeze-> touch -semantic field of nature elements: fire, breeze->wind - the whole poem is a metaphor of love

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