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Parents should interfere in their children's decision ?

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Expression écrite d'anglais Parents should interfere in children's decision ? Parents advise their children in ways very diverse: some set rules, others establish sanctions and there are also parents who take decisions against the wishes of their children. I think the question is this: Why the judgment of the parents shouldn't interfere in the decisions of their children? To answer this, I'll explain in a first part why the parents must bring their judgment, then in the second part why they shouldn't interfere. Firstly, I think that parents are role models for their children. For example, I think our parents should keep a constant influence on us. They know better than we what are the advantages and disadvantages of life, that allows them to better advise us to guide us into the world of life. Finally, in the second part for children freedom of choice, I think what makes us autonomous, that is the ability to make our own decisions. Our life belongs to us and I think it's normal that our decisions aren't always in agreement with our parents. However, I know that our decisions aren't always good, but I believe that we learn best from our mistakes... Finally, I conclude this topic basing on myself. I made choices that aren't always the best, but I always knew that my life belonged to me. Of course, I always talk about my problems with my parents because I know they are there to help me and advise me. But in the end, I'm free of my choice.

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