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Publié le 03/06/2024

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« LLCE For my oral, I chose Rencontre; love and friendship Love is a big deal, right? But it's not just one thing – it's like a rainbow with lots of colors.

There's the crazy crushes, the strong family bonds, and the awesome friendships.

Each type of love is different but super important.

Understanding all these types helps us get why we feel the way we do and how we connect with others Problématique: what are the different shades of love and how does it impact us ? My Documents are: Pride and Prejudice (that we saw in class) Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte room in New York Edward Hopper Ultraviolence by Lana del Rey "Of Mice and Men" Instant Family To answer our question, we'll first talk about true but complicated love, then about destructive love, and finally about the Friendship and family love 1 ; complicated but true love Pride and Prejudice, Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austen published on 1813.

This is the story of a family of 5 girls living in a village called Longbourg.

The main story of this novel is the love between Elizabeth, one of the daughters of the Bennet family, and Mr.

Darcy,they don’t really like eachother at first, so this love seems impossible throughout but still ends well because they manage to communicate and build their love as they go.

Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship transforms them both, leading to personal growth and happiness and at its contrary we have Wuthering heights which presents love as an all consuming force Emily Bronté's novel called Wuthering Heights published in 1847.

Mr Earnshaw brings home an abandoned child, Heathcliff, and the reactions of his two children are opposites. The Hindley son does not accept this dark child and makes him live through hell.

The daughter, Catherine, quickly becomes attached to him, with an elusive and fusional love. Once grown Heathcliff becomes an unscrupulous man, who swears revenge on the two men who prevented the deployment of his love: Hindley, the enemy brother, and Edgar, Catherine's husband.

heartbreaks are many, and coexist in extreme passion and destructive torments... Their love is true but really complicated, it leads to suffering and destruction. 2.

destructive love As a visual work of art I chose room in new york by Edward Hopper published in 1932.

It represents a couple sitting in their apartment in New York.

The woman is sitting near the piano while the man is sitting on an armchair and reading the newspaper.

The colors are bright and contrasting.

This painting shows a feeling of loneliness and melancholy, it reflects for me the life of a couple without communication, they love each other but do not know how to express it so they make each other sad. Finally, I'm going to tell you about the song Ultraviolence by Lana del Rey, it's a dark and melancholy ballad that explores themes of violence, pain and loss.

The lyrics describe a toxic romantic relationship in which the singer is trapped and suffers.

She describes her partner as being cruel and violent, but.... »


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