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stolen generation

Publié le 21/10/2012

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Definition d'un aborigine: Officially, the point of view of the Australian government, the term Aboriginal means a person who: -has Aboriginal ancestry; -identifies itself as Aboriginal; -is recognized as such by the Aboriginal community. Three criteria must be observed. Skin color is not a criterion and some Aborigines are white in appearance, while some of their ancestors are black. The same definition applies to indigenous Strait Torres. Aborigines are the first people to inhabit Australia. They were still living when Europeans arrived, and still inhabit today. They arrived in Australia ago 40,000 years old, making Australia one of the last continents colonized by man. Despite the very hard living conditions, they are spread across the Australian continent. But these conditions, including climate, have also prevented from developing. When Europeans arrived in Australia in the late eighteenth century, Aborigines accu...

« The Bringing Them Home report condemned the policy of disconnecting children from their "cultural heritage".

Said one witness to the commission: I've got everything that could be reasonably expected: a good home environment, education, stuff like that, but that's all material stuff.

It's all the non-material stuff that I didn't have — the lineage… You know, you've just come out of nowhere; there you are.

On the other hand, some Aboriginal people do not condemn the governments past actions, as they see that part of their intention were to offer opportunities for education and an eventual job.

According to the testimony of one Aboriginal person: I guess the government didn't mean it as something bad but our mothers weren't treated as people having feelings…Who can imagine what a mother went through? But you have to learn to forgive.

I was put in a mission dormitory when I was eight, nine.

I cried for two nights, and then I was right with the rest of those kids.

We weren't stolen; our family was there.

It was a good system.

Or a better system than now.

At least my generation learnt to read and write properly.. »


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