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Publié le 02/11/2023

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Advantages of the metaverse a) Connecting the world and negating physical distance The most notable advantage of the metaverse would be the fact that it makes geographic barriers irrelevant.

Once you’re in the virtual world, your physical location doesn’t matter anymore and you are no longer bound by it. The metaverse will act as a neutral space where everyone can meet as equals to some extent.

On top of that, finding and meeting people with similar interests and ideas will be easier, will feel more authentic, and allow you to feel more comfortable. b) Better social interactions online and Upgrading social media During the Covid quarantine, the only way to interact with other humans was through the internet, despite it not being the most interactive experience. However, things could be different in the metaverse with social interactions and events being way more immersive, allowing users to experience a personal connection with their friends and loved ones.

Meetings, parties, and concerts can all be organized in the metaverse.

Physical proximity is no longer a limiting factor for any event or family gathering you may want to attend. Moreover, Social media is probably the biggest term used in the past decade.

Platforms like Facebook (or Meta) and Twitter rely on the social aspect of the internet.

And they will undoubtedly benefit from the upgrade into a three-dimensional virtual environment. Fusing the ability to create virtual spaces in the metaverse with the power of social media to create shared online worlds is a very powerful combination that will enable us to experience social media like we never did before. c) Improvements to online learning and education It can’t be ignored how learning and education were affected during the Covid pandemic, as about 1.40 billions of students were impacted by national school closure, and we had to find other ways to resume education.

This is when online learning became the new norm, using platforms like Zoom. With the metaverse, learning will be more accessible than ever.

The physical location of the classroom no longer needs to be taken into consideration.

People from around the world will be able to share information and study together in real-time in a hands-on educational environment. In addition to that, since we have full control over what the students see inside the metaverse, conveying ideas and concepts will be easier with visual learning.

As the students will be able to experience historical phenomena right in front of them instead of theoretically.

Imagine wandering the streets of Ancient Egypt to get a real look into what life was like back then. d) Positive impact on cryptocurrencies and NFTs Cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens are set to have a major role in the coming metaverse world through blockchain technology providing security, trust, transparency, and of course decentralization. Crypto is definitely the currency of the metaverse, different iterations of the metaverse will use different currencies.

But in essence, you will not be buying digital goods and services with traditional currency, which adds an extra layer of security to virtual environments. NFTs may have a bigger role in the metaverse than they have had before.

NFTs are a token of ownership of a certain digital or physical asset.

They can be essentially the linking factor between the physical world and digital world and will help NFT holders to prove ownership of their assets, and move them between various worlds. The metaverse is a huge concept, and NFTs play a vital role in the big picture.

NFT metaverse brands will further support and improve upon the idea of using NFTs as deeds to properties and other assets in both the physical and digital realm. 2.

Drawbacks of the metaverse a) Concerns Over Possible Social and Cultural Impacts and Negative impact on cultures and societies One of the multiple drawbacks of the metaverse is the possibility of creating new norms and customs that can erode human behaviors existing in the real world and affect behaviors and relationships that are honed through the interaction with the natural environment. Indeed, another disadvantage of bringing everyone so close together, and fusing the different cultures of the world into one is losing the beautiful cultural diversity currently present in the world. If people are going to be spending the majority of their time in the metaverse, they will no longer feel connected to their small immediate society, and won’t feel the need to embrace their own local or regional culture. This may eventually lead to the end of many traditions that have existed since the beginning of Mankind, and will likely create a new society, although unifying and all-encompassing, it may end up stale and uninteresting. b) Losing connection with the physical world and Reducing the Difference between Real and Virtual One major concern that many people have about the metaverse is how easy it is to lose track of time while you’re in it.

As your senses are basically disabled, or to be put in another way, they’re connected to the virtual world instead of the real world.

People who are exposed to the metaverse for too long might lose their attachment to reality and may go beyond that : not wanting to acknowledge the existence of a world besides the virtual one.

To some degree, we experience this kind of behavior today with the use of mobile devices, with the average American spending roughly 5.4 hours per day staring at a screen. With the.... »