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Amel Once upon a time, a beautiful princess living her beautiful life in her castle….. Hello!! did you really think it’s a fairy tale haha no. It’s the story of Amel a girl who had to fight alone against the society for surviving. Amel. Amel in Arabic means hope. She is now 27 years old and she still fight but this time not for her for every muslim people. But at first let me tell you HER story… Everything started at her young age, she was living in France in a city close to Paris. She was loving her city, it was a mix of a lot of culture and the most of people was very kind and generous. Amel went a few time in Paris but she didn’t know the true face of the society. The first time when she had been discriminated was at 14 years old but she didn’t noticed. It was only when she started to study in the college that she UNDERSTOOD what Islamophobia really is....

« store forbade the veiled woman to enter. once again Amel took it upon her, the young woman absolutely needed this book for her next class but it only sold in this damn book store. Amel was on the verge of a fit but she still had to go to class. When she arrived, she sat in silence as usual and listened intently to her teacher. after a while the teacher asked Amel what job she wanted to do, but before she could even answer a boy in his class shouted "either a submissive to a husband or a whore". All the boy's friends were laughing but Amel was ashamed because not only had he insulted him but he had said it in front of everyone, that is to say in front of the whole amphitheatre. For Amel, it was the last straw. She stood up, everyone thought she was going out, but she approached her teacher, grabbed her microphone and said, “STOP! STOP! STOP! not a day when I could go to school without being stressed? There wouldn't be a day when I could work and live the way I want to without being teased. mockery? For a veil! A veil ! because i wear a veil i have to go through all this? Stopped ! I don't need your dirty opinions or comments the next time someone dares to insult me, I will file a complaint. I am like all of you I eat I sleep I play I have a family I have FEELINGS so just because I'm veiled doesn't mean I'm not human. "After a few seconds of silence one student stood up and clapped, then another, then two more, until the whole class applauded him. At that moment Amel burst into tears, it was not. not tears of sadness, but of relief. She knew that 'she was finally going to be able to breathe some more .... 7 years later, Hey it's me Amel how are you? Me ? Fair enough, honestly after my speech I was relieved because all the guys who always insulted me got kicked out of college and I made a lot of friends even though I still had to fight people for example in the train I gained a lot of myself -confidence and now I am a psychologist, married and fulfilled in my life as a woman. The only think that I have to give you as an advice, is love yourself be yourself even if it's hard you have to fight for showing and imposing your place in our nowdays society. See you soon guys »