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Publié le 26/02/2022

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« APARTHEID 1) Let’s introduce! Apartheid is a segregation (a legal political system which separates people because they have a different religion, race or sex). The word apartheid comes from Afrikaans and French and means “à part”. During the apartheid, Asian people, black people and Métis people don’t have the same rights as the white people.

People were divided into racial groups. For example: back people are obliged to live in Townships and they can’t vote.

The children can’t go to the same school as Whites. Of course, these laws, are against the human rights. In fact, white people think that they are the heirs of god and that black people are stupid.

It’s idiot but it’s the reality in this era. The only goal of the Apartheid is in truth keep white people in the power and excluded other people. In South Africa, black people were numerous than white people so the white people are afraid because they think that the black will govern them and impose their decisions.

It’s why the apartheid exists.

Black people represented 61% of the population, but they had only 13% of the land.

White people take everything from them. But before the apartheid, the discrimination against black people already exists because white people don’t respect no-white people so the apartheid only makes this reality legal. 2)Chronology, characters and fight In 1948, the Afrikaner National Party lead by Daniel Malan win the general election.

Their goal is to separate people into four racial groups: The Whites, the Africans, the Asians and the Coloureds. The unfair laws become more and more numerous: marriages between white and black people are prohibited in 1949, children of different “races” must go to different schools and coloured people aren’t allowed to vote.

They are excluded from everything and they can’t go at the same places as white persons. In 1950, the law proclaims that colour people and white people (who consider themselves superior) can’t live in the same place.

So, colour people are obliged to live in homelands created in 1959 or townships.

White zones are created and if a black person wants to walk normally in different places they need to have a pass.

However, colour people are sometimes obliged to work in white zones. The townships and the homelands are extremely poor districts where colour people must live after being expelled from their homes. In homelands (independent states) people lived because of the agriculture but they don’t have enough to eat.

Women and old men work in the agriculture and men are obliged to search work in White Zones.. »


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