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How similar and different are you from your parents?

Publié le 12/12/2015

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SAMIA CHRAIBI ALC MARRAKESH ADVANCED 1 Session 2015 Written assessment Topic: How similar and different are you from your parents? -73787053975 How are you different from your parents? There’s probably no question more complicated than this one. Comparing yourself to your parents is very difficult due to the fact that one’s personality goes through an eternal process of development and maturing. At each stage, the answer would be different. Your parents gave you the life you’re trying to make better than the one they had . This is to say that answering the question asked may have two possibilities . There will always be similitaries and differences . How do I differ from my parents ? This is what I will be trying to answer by comparing and con...

« didn’t want to give their opinion about that but I could have easily guessed that they would not have accepted some of these sections.

It was clear that I should have chosen sciences , like my brother and sister did .

Do our personalities differ? Probably, to a certain extent they do, but not essentially. If being different means having different tastes in music or ways to spend free time, then we are different, since we have entirely opposite views on music, films and pastimes.

For example , when mom is driving me somewhere ,and then she puts on a music, I don’t usually react , but sometimes it’s just unacceptable .

I always tell myself : How can she still listen to that ? So this make me see the difference between my parents and I in terms of tastes.

If we do not take into consideration the age difference and the way my parents express their respect to me , I would say we are virtually the same.

I am a classic example of a proverb “The apple doesn’t fall from the tree”.

Of course, we act in different ways, have opposite views on some things, particularly my life and how it should be lived, but it is mainly conditioned by age, rather than difference in personality.

A few years ago, I would say that we had nothing in common except for the blood running in our veins.

I’ve always seen my parents different people that I will never look like but now I understand how wrong I was.

It all depends on a specific time and situation.

Another point , by the age of 24 My parents were already married, had successful careers, and bought their first house.

Meanwhile, at 24I’ll probably be single , still in college, and living alone .

I try not to compare myself to where I am in life versus where my parents were at the same age.

First of all, it was a different time.

The economy was better, and things were a lot cheaper.

Also, it doesn't matter.

They understand this fact . In conclusion , I would like to end this comparing process with a quote that could be generalized in our society today : < Each generation imagine itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it and wiser than the one that comes after >.

So comparing myself with my parents in different ways, made me understand that it has no sens .

There will always be that part of us that makes us feel better than others.

This is completely human.. »


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