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I am going to talk about the notion “spaces and exchanges”.

Publié le 21/10/2016

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  I am going to talk about the notion “spaces and exchanges”. In order to illustrate this notion, I have chosen documents about the USA and the American Dream. We can wonder if the USA is a country of spaces and exchanges or not. On the one hand, we can say that the US is a country of spaces and exchanges. For example, we can talk about “New Horizons”, it’s an extract from an American talk show. It is a dialogue between a journalist and a Mexican. The journalist interviews a Mexican who immigrated to the US. He explains that he left his family in order to have a better standard of living. Millions of immigrants have done the same because there are more jobs and jobs ...


« a documentary about “The Wall”.

The Wall is the Mexico - United States barrier.

Americans have built the Wall in order to prevent immigrants from crossing the border.

The “Wall” is at the centre of a controversy, in fact some people are against it because they think that it is very expensive and ineffective.

It jeopardizes the immigrants' health and safety and moreover it damages the environment.

But the major part of Americans is for because they think it prevents illegal immigrants from entering the US, stops drugs traffickers and limits violence related to drugs.  Therefore, people who try to move to the US, imagine that it is the country where everything is possible, they take risks to cross the border but finally, they can't. To conclude, in the US, immigrants can become part of the country and the American dream could drive people to leave their native country and the US allows certain immigrants to start from scratch and to have a better standard of living.

But they also control exchanges, closing their space and refusing immigrants with the Mexico - United States barrier, The Wall.

Personally, I think that the USA is a country that makes dreams come true, so immigrants are pushed by the desire for a better future therefore they try to enter the US but all immigrants can't be accepted. Thus the USA has established quotas to limit the number of migrants and puts barriers around their space and therefore reduce their trade with the outside.   Clem.C. »


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