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is the cultural difference a barrier between individuals.

Publié le 18/06/2022

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« England and the USA are the major English-speaking countries and they both have a diverse population in terms of origins one because it had slavery and the other for its colonial heritage that's why in this dossier I ask myself the question of the cultural difference being or not a barrier between individuals. I'm going to show you in the first place that these barriers aren't as restrictive as back in the day, it was quite difficult to live with the limit established by those barriers and especially in the USA in the 20th century. let's start with document 1 it's a painting named Planting peace by Chad Glass on the 5th of January 2016 it's an English painting that represents 6 children planting a flag, those 6 children are from different origins as we can see from the left to right probably a Chinese girl because of the chopstick in her hair at her right a native American child because of he has a traditional bandana in his hair, an African American, an Inuit girl and last but not least probably 2 caucasian children. they are all working together to plant the flag the flag looks like a patchwork where we can see as the title refers to the peace symbol in the top left-hand corner.

there is also in the middle of the flag a red heart that can suggest love, it is in the middle to let us know that love is the most important, the flag is a very colorful patchwork that communicates joy as we can see in the top right-hand corner painting of people holding hands, there is the earth and a rainbow at the top of it, this flag was made to feel security and peace and in a broader vision of the painting, the children are in what seems to be a grassland where nothing can bad happen. with this painting, the painter wanted to show that peace is a work of everybody for everybody. one of the signs of peace that is shown on the flag is this musical note at the bottom and this lead me to the next document which is document 5, it's a screenshot of a rap song video clip it is posted on the internet in 2022, named Eurovision it was made by central who is a London rapper featuring Gazo who is a French rapper and Rondodasosa an Italian rapper, even if the lyrics of the song do not necessarily have to do with peace contrary to document 1, this collaboration shows that even barriers language can't stop people to work together if we get back to document 1 we can say that cultural differences in terms of language can be a big problem for the coordination if you have to do a complex task in a group for instance or just to communicate with each other we can relate to this to another document which is document 4, it is a film named Love Actually by Richard Curtis and it came out in 2003 and I'm going to focus only on Jamie and Aurelia, he is a single English writer and she is his Portuguese maid. »


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