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Notion mythes et héros

Publié le 11/01/2014

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According to the dictionary definition a myth is a traditional story, concerning the early history of people or explaining a natural or social fact, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. Then a hero in mythology and folklore, a person of superhuman qualifies who is admired for his courage or extraordinary achievements. It now means someone who is courageous. Heroes help in saving people or society from villains or natural disasters. In litterature and cinema the main character of a story is also called a"hero",he's the center of all the events. We'll see how cinematographic and literary works are successfully revisiting universal myths. To illustrate the notion of « myths and heroes &...

« Peter Pan refuge with fairies in neverland but they are not giving him the faculty of not grow, even for Dorian and his wish,there is not supernatural effect. For both characters take conscience of a refusal to grow old returns to stop a sudden growth and become.. »


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