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Publié le 27/05/2024

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« the migration series, n°3 by Jacob Lawrence presentation/context: There are 60 paintings in this series.

It’s to denounce and show to the world the truth of the immigration in America.

It shows the migrants’ horrible life in the south of America.

They wanted to escape the horror going on the north.

This is a movement called the great migration.

When more than 6 million people went on this internal migration. It was between 1910s and 1970s.

All this series of painting is about this event. Analysis: the painting we’ve seen in class shows a group of migrants walking towards the west because it’s a new place with more freedom.

We can see that they’re going in this direction because they walk right to left so they walk from East to West.

They leave the East because it’s the old establishment where the right of black people is very bad.

We can determine that they start a new life because they’re carrying luggage, and we can imagine that they take all their life in these bags.

They will not return in their old life. They are faceless, we can’t see their mouth or their eyes.

They are anonymous.

The painter doesn’t represent the face of the migrant because they were more than 6 million to move, he wants that everybody can be represented in his painting.

But we can see that the outline of their face is illuminated by their destination.

It represents that their new destination is a place of hope and to start a new life. The colours are very important in this painting.

The migrants are paint with dull, dark colour. First because they are black people but also because they are not happy.

Their life is painful because of the discrimination they suffer.

Moreover, they don’t seem to be enjoying the journey, they’re looking down.

The colour of the background contrast with the characters of this painting.

The colour of the sky is blue and it’s a lighter colour.

It can represent that their new home is better for them.

But we can also see that some birds are flying in the same direction of the migrants.

Birds represent hopes for a better future, they are here to symbolize the liberty they have, and the liberty migrants will have. Link with the chapter: it is linked to our topic because this painting shows migrants leave their home to start a new life and hoping to have a better life.

We know that they are forced to do a journey because their old life was too horrible and painful for them.

So, they leave it. It shows that these migrants walk to a new destination to have a better life.

It’s a long journey but they do it.

That’s why this painting is linked to our topic. west side story by steven spielberg presentation/context: it’s the second adaptation of the 1917 stage musical.

This story was inspired by Romeo and Juliet but it’s like a modernisation.

It was realised by Steven Spielberg; a famous moviemaker and it was released in 2021.

It’s a recent movie. Resume/analysis: the story takes place in Manhattan's Upper West Side in the USA.

It talks about the fight between two gang the sharks and the jets.

The sharks are Puerto Rican, so they are immigrants in the USA.

The jets are young white people, and they don’t accept the immigrants.

In the movie, the fight is represented with dance battle.

But in all the violence and hate, a love story grown up.

It’s an impossible love because the two lovers are from the two different gang.

But they love each other some much that they want to stop the fight between Puerto Rican and the inhabitant of the neighbourhood. The message of the movie is “hate begets hate”.

The movie shows violence and violence cannot be the solution of the issue.

We can also see that some people are not open-minded. They think that the person who was not in their gang is bad but that not true.

There is no cohabitation between the inhabitants and the immigrants.

Some people want improve the link between the 2 groups but they are not understood.

The movie to show the two side of the city and the inhabitants.

In fact, we have the point 2 groups.

Thanks that, we can see their doubt and their fear.

It’s an important such emotion. to change, to is a great tool of view of the thing to show Link with the chapter: the migrants leave their home for a better life and for respect.

But sometimes it’s impossible like in the movie.

It can have tension between the inhabitants of the country and the immigrants.

They just want a new home; immigrants not enjoy leave their home but it’s a necessity. The new colossus by Emma Lazarus Presentation/context: this poem was written in 1883 by Emma Lazarus.

It was created to earn money for a pedestal for the statue of liberty.

Then, in.... »


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