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PPT Artificial intelligence

Publié le 06/08/2023

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« Artificial Intelligence (AI) Table of contents 01 What is artificial intelligence? 02 Types of artificial intelligence 03 Main uses of artificial intelligence 04 Advantages and disadvantages of AI 01 What is artificial intelligence? (AI) (AI) = Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of technologies that enable computers to perform a variety of advanced functions, including the ability to see, understand and translate spoken and written language, analyze data, make recommendations, and so on In other words, machines that are programmed to perform certain tasks automatically without the need for humans to supervise their work 02 Types of artificial intelligence (AI) Types of artificial intelligence According to different experts, there are several types of artificial intelligence.

One of the main classifications is the following: (a) Reactive machines This type of AI does not have the ability to form memories or rely on past experiences to make decisions.

It is simply guided by the present or future, but has no knowledge of the past (b) Limited memory They have information of the past but in a momentary way.

Since their storage is not unlimited, like the mind of a human being where it can store memories of the past, they are machines that have information from the past but in a momentary way Types of artificial intelligence (c) Mind theory These machines will be able to understand that human beings are made up of feelings and thoughts that modify their interaction with the world.

The behavior of these machines will have to collaborate with social interaction (d) Self-awareness The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is to create machines that are self-aware 03 Main uses of artificial intelligence (AI) Main uses (a) Virtual personal assistants These are the well-known chatbots that allow us to interact with them according to our search history (b) Business and finance In this case, AI brings the possibility of generating greater security, offering new operations and being aware of relevant market information (c) Education It allows to personalize them according to the students, to control attendance and evaluations, to establish teaching-learning strategies Main uses (d) Commercial It allows to know and recommend what the customer needs, predicting trends and making very detailed analysis.... »


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