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Essai sur oeuvre artistique en anglais: Norman Rockwell

Publié le 02/03/2022

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« Self-portraits : between representation and imagination. Who’s the king of autoportraits : Norman Rockwell or William Utermohlen ? Head 1, William Utermohlen, 2000 The Triple Self-portrait, Rockwell, 1960 Norman Self-portraits are very important in the world of arts : they let artists show how they see themselves in reality and very often, also let people interpret their personnality like they want.

In the first part, the subject will be the artists’ life : Norman Rockwell’s life and William Utermohlen’s life.

The second one will be about the two works.

Finally, in the last part, my opinion about both the works will be given. Norman Rockwell is an American artist born in 1894 in New-York and dead in 1978 in Stockbridge.

From 1910 to 1960, he illustrated the magazine covers of the very famous American magazine Saturday Evening Post.

In 1908, he started studying at the Chase School of Fine and Applied Arts and then, in 1910, he stopped studying there to go to the Art Students League of New York.

He’s an adept of the hyperrealism.

He also worked the photography.

His most famous work is The problem we all live with that represents a black girl escorted by policemen to go to school.

It denounces the segregation in the USA in which he was living even though he was not Black.

In 1943, he participed in the war effort by publishing The Four. »


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