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Analyse du tableau de Norman Rockwell "the dugout"

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The illustration that I chose is called "the dugout" and was published in the "Saturday evening post" of September 4, 1948. The beginning of the cold war as highlighted in the box at the top right that announces an interview of Alexander Barmine, a deserter general of the Soviet Union that will serve American interests for many years. The drawing depicts what appears to be a baseball game but with a focus on players sitting on the bench. The first thing you can guess looking at their expressions is that the...

« the crowd burst out laughing loudly as we can see in this drawing. Which does not seem to improve the mood of the young player. The reason I chose this drawing is because it perfectly illustrates the moments of dousbt we all have in the face of adversity. It even shows the cruelty of people who, instead of supporting you, revel in your misery and make it a subject of taunting and joking. As long as this young man exceeds his apprehensions and goes into the arena, he will be able to overcome all the difficulties ahead. »


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