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Publié le 02/02/2016

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Topics n°2 : Green Planet I will describe this picture It’s a Unicef ad Unicef is a charity I can see a motto I can see a logo In this document , I can see an African teenager He is washing hands He is happy He is smilling He is young He has a soap Undrinkable water kills more than war He can cook He can drink He can brush his te...

«  I can see little indian  He is trying to fish  He is on the little boat  In the Gange  But this river is very polluted  Because everybody throw anything in this river  It’s a garbage dump  This document denounces the extrem pollution  It’s dangerous  It’s hazardeous  It’s a shame  I will describe an other picture  I can see a turtle  The turtle is eating a plastic bag  The turtle at on the beach  It’s a Sandy beach  This ad it’s against sea pollution  She has mistaker a plastic for a jellyfish  The diet of the turtle is varied  She usally eats jellyfish  Sea food  Seagrass. »


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