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1. Explain in one sentence why and how Anna was conceived. Anna was conceived  so that she could save her sister Kate. 2.  Kate most certainly suffers from a lethal genetic disease.   3.A designer baby is one whose genetic make-up has been selected in order to ensure that a particular gene is present.   4. Cambell is not an expert on stem cell research because / he usually  skipped / he used not to attend / ethic courses in law school.Moreover he does not know what will happen if Anna doesn't give  her kidney to Kate. He doubts.   5. What made Anna eventually ask for legal advice? Quote the text. <En citant le texte, qu'est-ce qui a finalement poussé Anna à consulter un avocat ? =>> Retrouve la question (indirecte) de Campbell et tu trouveras la motivation d'Anna dans la réponse qu'elle lui fait.   6. charitable - cynical - opportunist - money-minded - impatient - unpleasant =>> Il te reste à utiliser ces 3 adjectifs pour expliquer quel genre d'homme il est.   7. Analyse Anna's character. Anna desperately wants to exist independently of Kate, but she knows she cannot do so as long as her main...

« 6.

Among the following adjectives, choose those that best describe Campell’s character.

Use the adjectives chosen to explain what sort of man he is.

2 points (adjective suivi de sa justification) cynical – Though Campbell doesn’t know much about stem cell research, he knows it is a matter of controversy and quickly understands that Anna’s case is interesting.

He does not defend her for charitable reasons but out of self-interest because he knows he will win the case, which is rather cynical. Opportunist - he knows the case will be worthwhile for him because he will get plenty of “publicity”.

It means that the story of “a lawyer selflessly defending a poor little girl refusing to save her sister’s life with an organ donation even though she had been conceived in that view” is probably going to hit the media, he will be seen in the news and probably interviewed on TV which will make him quite famous. Accepter aussi money-minded si l’adjectif est justifié.

(being more famous he will have more clients and will be able to raise his fees) 7.

Analyse Anna’s character.

2 points On s’attendra à ce que les élèves mentionnent au moins deux aspects du caractère d’Anna .

– Anna is strong-minded and refuses to go on giving “spare parts” to her sister .

Despite the fatal consequences for her sister, she is determined to stand firm.

Anna must have gone through a lot of suffering before coming to that decision.

She now wants to live for herself, not for anyone else.

– Anna sounds selfish/heartless: she does not want to give her sister a kidney. – She is down-to-earth , she knows she must bear in mind the financial aspects of her case but she is also naïve about the cost of an attorney’s fees.

– She sounds quite mature , perfectly capable of making her own decisions and objects to the interference of adults (“just another grown-up deciding what happens to me”, l.


Text 2 On her way home from her appointment with the lawyer, Anna meets a friend, Mary, and tells her what happened. “Hey Anna!” Mary yells from the other side of the road. “Hi Mary.” Anna said sadly. “What’s up? You look deeply sad?” Mary asked anxiously. “Well… er… I don’t know if I can tell you about that… whatever… I just got out of the lawyer’s of...

For the first time since I've entered my office, I really, truly look at her.

Anger glows around this kid like electricity.

"My sister is dying, and my mother wants me to donate one of my kidneys to her," she says hotly.

"Somehow I don't think a. »


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