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dialogue mafia

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-Johnny, I have failed our honor. -What do you mean? -I am in trouble Johnny! I am in a bad situation... -You are in trouble? You have made our fortune and you raised our family in the wider society. -Indeed, we become rich and I got a job because I made a deal with this "Man" -Who? -You probably heard of Don Corleone. -Of course, I heard of him... It's The Godfather... It's a criminal -I made a deal with him... -Are you serious? Did you know the consequences of your act? What sort of deal do you made with him? -He helped me with my career. -How? -You know that I was trying to sign a contract with the owner of the restaurant. -Yes... -He refused me so I went to see The Godfather for a service... -And? -The right hand man of the Godfather went to see this owner. And he offered him $ 10,000 to hire me. But he declined. So the next day he went to see him. But this time, he went with Don Vito. Within an hour, he signed a release for a certified check of $ 1, 000. -How did he do that? -Made him an offer he couldn't refuse. -What was that? -His man held a gun to his head, and the Godfather said that either his brain or his signature would be on the contract. -You know that once people accepted one of his favors, they owed him for life. -Yes, that why I am in trouble... A few months ago, I was summoned by Don Corleone's men; they want me to kill someone... -If you refuse, they will beat you like they've done with our neighbor. They beat him like an animal. His nose was broken and his jaw was shattered.... held together by wire!! -I am on his payroll, I couldn't resign. -Just do his job... it's better for us...

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