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Exposé Marseille en anglais

Publié le 15/05/2022

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« Shortly before the holidays, in the week of 11 April, we took part in a trip to Marseille and Provence with our history teachers.

The aim of this trip was to go back over the whole of the history programme through the visit of many cultural places. Many places were interesting but the visit to Notre Dame de la Garde "La Bonne Mere", had something special.

A large church overlooking Marseille, with a breathtaking view of the calanques.

But this was not my favourite visit.

My favourite visit was to an island next to the château d'If.

We went by boat on the azure sea and the visit of the island was free.

With some friends, we climbed up the mountain, and entered the ruins of some kind of castle.

On the way back down we were attacked by a flock of birds and one of us went for a swim... On a more educational level, we visited the Roman arena in Arles, the oldest district of France in Marseille to go back to antiquity, the old port and the cannebière for the last 100 years and 2 museums that retraced the evolution of Marseille through the ages. The trip was clearly not to be missed.

It was a great change of scenery during the summer months, meeting new people, seeing new things and spending time with friends. If I had to recommend a place to someone, it would frankly be "la bonne mère" because it is the emblem of Marseille, is beautiful and offers a really incredible view of Marseille. For this superb moment I thank without problems our history teachers who are very involved in the life of the school and I thank all the others who participated from near or far in the organization of this trip. Translated with (free version). »


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